Friday, November 16, 2007

Unspoken by Francine Rivers: A Book Review

Yet another wonderful story out of the bible taken in her own by Francine Rivers. We are doing a bible study with the women in our church on this series and it truly has opened the eyes of many women. These books give you an insight into women of the bible that you may not have seen just by reading it on your own. In this account, a woman named Bathsheba is depicted in Unspoken. I really enjoyed this read because you see how a woman who starts a love affair before she comes of age and follows her dreams instead of what God wants for her. Its almost as if she forces what she wants and pays the consequences. But her beauty is what gets her to places. Its very ironic in many ways how this story turns. We can find ourselves in today's society very closely relating to this woman. How many times have you wanted to lure some man that was ungettable with something you shouldn't?

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