Friday, August 28, 2009

A Reality Comic Strip

Husband enters bathroom.



Honey, is there anymore toilet paper? I'm sick lying in bed and start laughing hysterically! I was just in the bathroom and noticed this scenario and didn't take the time to put it back in the closet, but I did put the new role on the dispenser.


Friday, August 21, 2009

Pigeon Amongst the Flowers

When our new boy arrived last week, I was surprised to see him come a day early. I guess he had to be born on the same day as my first one. Just a different month. It was weird because my sister, brother, and I were all born on the 2nd of our respective months. Now we have our boys each born on the 13th of their months.

Anyway all went well and this week has been amazing. Yesterday we had the best weather. Fluffy clouds, cool breezes, and a 2 dollar sprinkler was calling my 2 yr olds name. He ran thru it while I let my new baby boy have some sun. My husband and I sat in lawn chairs and took it all in. Our family is complete.

The night after I got two four hour stints of sleep and felt so refreshed! My pediatrician is amazing and was able to calm my fears of an impending ear infection and cold. My little guy has the sniffles. He's ok though back to his birth weight and nursing like a champ.

My 2 yr old is really getting the hang of being a big brother.
The sweetest thing about this week is all the out-pouring of love from our dear friends all around us. We got cards from people from our church, food from my workout group at the Y, and good food at that!, and even a package here and there from family around us.

It's just a beautiful concept that it takes a village to raise a child. This really has been a true blessing to us and we can't be more thrilled. I am healing very well so far and able to get off the pain meds that make me loopy..

Loopy Example: My husband and I were driving to our in-laws and I loudly exclaimed;
LOOK, over there in the flowers....A PIGEON!!!!!!!!!
Immediately I looked my husband and the face and began hysterical laughter.

No reason why the pigeon caught me off guard as an image of magic. Who knows. Maybe for a split second I thought I had seen a magical new species.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Introducing Baby #2

Can you believe it? God is such a wonderful wonderful being.
We have our little blessing home in our family is complete!!

I actually went into labor! I started contracting at 1 a.m Thursday evening and didn't realize it was contractions until 4:30 that morning. I called the doctor and we went in. Once there we went straight to get the c-section and had baby number 2 at 6:15 a.m.

He is amazing. So peaceful and relaxed. Not anything tough ladies. The only part that was tough was me not resting and feeling the pain. I have to take my time. It's so amazing being a mom to two little guys. Also amazing is my husband who is taking on all my duties while he is home with me for the week.

A very special thing that happened this time around was I saw how incredible my friends have become to me in my life. It's incredible to have woman I work out with lifting me up and my family with their cooking for the week!

It's so refreshing to be able to lean on them thru our Lord's work in them.
In so many ways he's showing me how we can work thru him outside of church.

I even started my Good Morning Girls group this week. So far so good.

We'll see what happens.

Love Liz

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Mysterious Ways

Yesterday I went to spend the day with my mother-in-law. She is amazing. We were sitting outside while my two year old was playing ball in the yard. A west highland terrier was prancing down the road hiking his leg up on mailboxes. He didn't have any tags or a leash so we got ahold of him and tied him up with some water. I took him to a local animal vet and had his microchip scanned. Nothing. I gave him a flea pill so in case I took him home, I wouldn't get unexpected company. He was an amazing dog. Very laid back, didn't bark, and just sat down in the car. I took him home after a bath and brush. Set him up in the kitchen and waited for his owner to claim him. I had visions of if he would be part of our family, but didn't get too excited. I'm going to have our second son next week.

A call came in just after I made dinner and it was his owner. She was very grateful that he had such care. She gave my 2 year old a little westie toy and me a card. After they left, I opened it. It was a $50 bill and card saying thanks.

My husband, two year old and I went out for ice cream, got some curtains, and a candyland game. We also needed some groceries so that helped out so much. It's amazing how God works. He provides just when we need for exactly what he knows we need. It was nice to be able to do that and have my mind on the dog and fun for a day.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

MAJOR nesting..

When it's time for a new little baby to come into this world a mother to be can exhibit extremely irrational bouts of anxiety on how her home looks. May it be the impending guests who are there only to look at the new life, but she assumes she'll be embarrassed if all isn't in order? Could be the raging hormones finishing up the last couple of bits of MAKING life? Who knows. Whatever it may be, this extreme tension is all but gone for little Zachary's arrival and I couldn't be happier to show you what I did in one day. Well first I saw this picture on a fellow bloggers website.

It was shutters on the fireplace. For some reason I decided I should have shutters on my fireplace. I looked around and my mom had some old bar swing doors in her garage. She gave them to me. EXHIBIT A. It's a pair. This is one of them.

Upon inspection, I would've in the past completely ignored them, but I didn't thanks to all my crafty bloggers out there who have inspired me to look beyond the horridness. My mom also thought she'd save these coffee cans for me. Gave me four of them. I like things in threes so I took three. EXHIBIT B.

And furthermore, teeheehee, I painted them with some Behr paint I had leftover from my trim work. This gallon has lasted me ages. Mixed up a little of the blue Glidden quart I got for free from their giveaway a month ago. Then I painted the coffee cans to match the blue. CLEVER!

Here is the finished piece.

Also my sister came over today with her drill and I was able to hang a series of pics that I was inspired by THE YOUNG HOUSE blog to do. It's not anything close as cute, but good enough for me. Also I have this stupid side door in my living room and it bugs me. I covered it up with sheers from the dollar store. My sister hung them for me!! God Bless her soul.

Just picture a white door with three tier windows in it. We took a piece of white fabric to cover the door first so it wouldn't show thru the sheers. Then hung the rod a couple inches above the door. Then the sheer panels. $5 bucks at dollar store!


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tubes Tied

Here we are at this point in my life. I'm 27 years old and saying no more children thru pregnancy. At first discussion of this I went into tears. It was a weird concept that I hadn't considered. After Eric and I discussed it further though I really dont' want to be pregnant again. It was nice being pregnant twice in my life and all is well. I am going in for a c-section next week and then they are going to cut my tubes while they are doing it. The doctor said it would only be five more minutes of work while she is in there. Wow. That's amazing. Five minutes and I'm done having babies.

So then I thought about it some more and we will always have the adoption option if we want another child and that is something Eric and I have always had in the back of our minds. It's so amazing this miracle of childbirth and the whole process. I really am grateful for the friends, and family who have helped me get thru this pregnancy so far. It's been tough. With the bleeding, not working out at the end, and pre-term labors. So we are at the end here and ready to see our new baby boy. I'm so excited for him to be a part of our family.

It really feels like my life has been on hold in a way. I've still cooked and cleaned as much as I could but I have had to sit a lot more and it takes me twice as long to do things. All is well though and I'm grateful for what God has blessed our lives with.

With love


Sunday, August 2, 2009

I won!

Just wanted to say thanks to
Courtney for the most awesome giveaway ever! A spiritual guide to help remind me to sit in God's word. There are so many reasons today that we put our bibles on the shelf and read a million other things; grocery lists, magazines, our friends twitters, etc... This couldn't have come at a better time for me because there will be sleepless nights nursing in my near future and what better way to spend in surrounded in God's word. Thanks again! Also I'm starting a personal bible study group in the fall so this may work out to be the center of it if all goes well.