Wednesday, April 29, 2009


I haven't posted on here for a little bit because I've been so thrilled and happy and content. For me I guess I like to write or vent if something is tough or I get more introspective if I'm down and think of writing. While I'm riding this happy train, I wanted to share some awesome news.

My mom invited me to go on a trip with her to the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah last week. I was really excited to have a day for just mom and I. It had actually been over a year since that happened. My sister came home and I have my 2 year old with me if ever I go see her. So this was really good for us.

We had a two hour drive there and back to just talk about things. It was so refreshing. She was so encouraging to me. I got to see the world my mom had been immersed in for the past couple years. Her and my stepdad quit their jobs to pursue her dream of being a threadpaint artist. This is painting with thread. The technique. She had a blog of her own HERE.

It was so amazing to see her associates and how she inspires people she is around.
All the people we met were so fun and sweet.

When we went to lunch with one of her associates, they were brainstorming future projects. I was so inspired. My mind was really alive and passionate in that environment.

All of a sudden my mom and I were brainstorming an exciting creative project for ourselves. We can totally do this. We spent the drive back just figuring everything out and coming up with ideas. Then we made plans to meet to do a business day.

The black cloud is gone. I had this creative block for such a long time. Gotta go!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can do it!

The last few days have been amazing. I don't know if it's just me or my little guy and me just realizing he's ready to click with it. We have been watching Potty Power vids and I'm a Big Kid Now propaganda has been in our home 24/7. I can do it. This is the motto. I have "let" my two year old put his socks on, take his shoes off, pick what he wants to eat (he has nutritional choices of course), etc. I was really holding on to the last two on the list of must dos. Potty in the Big Boy Pot & Sleep in the Big Boy bed. I have had the potty chair sitting there looming at me for several months now. I have the pull ups getting dust. I have the Big Boy bed propped up against the wall. It's just that once I did those last two things, he would be on his own. Well he still needs me to dress and feed him so who am I kidding. I just said hey lets go potty the yesterday and guess who just let it go. Yep. *Tear* We called everyone and gave them the "GOOD News". Then I got around to rearranging his room and putting his "Big Boy Bed" on the ground and decided I wouldn't put sheets on it yet. See what happens. He jumped on it and Daddy says the other evening, you want to sleep on there? He says "YEP". I said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! in my head as I went to get the sheets.
He slept on it and didnt' even get up! That was one of my secret fears that I would not have control about sleeping in because he would wake up and look for me, but that didn't happen. The sweetheart still yells for me in the morning and waits for me to come get him out of bed!!!
So there you go. My little boy now. But it really is amazing and a joy to see him growing up and I know I'm going to be greatful that I got him out of diapers before I get the next little guy. If you are holding on, it's ok to let go. It's so fun. We all have to grow up with our children just as much as they do I guess.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party

Yesterday made history when groups of people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE made a statement by protesting in Tea Party all over the country. There was one here in Indiana that my relatives went to. The point was to express that the conservative movement was still alive and well and we were disapointed with how we are represented in both parties. The definition of conservative to me is a personal accountability for myself and my family. I take responsibility to pay my taxes, work for my needs, and I expect government to regulate not delegate my life. With the new administration there have been very clear cut things done and put into place that elude to a socialist movement. As well as a rising debt that has no relief for our children's children. My husband sent me this link and being a former person of news, I was disgusted. You can see for yourself but we have no opinion in news. We are supposed to be objective. An editorial, blog, or interview opinion is where we place how we feel personally. Not in a report for an event we were assigned to. I'm not saying just because she was covering something I was for, that I was ashamed, but in general for anything when I see a reporter showing clear disdain for a situation, this isn't the place.

Instead of seeing what the real point of this event was, we only see that someone was against Obama which isn't even the point. But with any protest you are going to have a mixture of extreme opinions. Instead of focusing on that, she should've reviewed the entire point of the event.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Smells of Heaven

If there were smells that heaven would smell like or a smell that causes happiness, it would be the following.

My Husband

I have this burning in my living room.

There are so many things in life that can set us off track. But these are the little things that can simply alter your mood or add to your happiness. I had the best day in my Mommy & Me class. I felt so fullfilled just by having the fellowship of these awesome women. They are funny, and spiritual women. I am just so glad that I have stuck with this. It's kept me happy in myself also.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Even though Adam Lambert is my favorite for American Idol this year, I just thought it was really funny that while watching this latest performance my hubs tells me he sounds like Herbert the Pervert off Family Guy. We are regular watchers of this so I immediately start cracking up. It ruined the song for me. But if you want to see what I'm talking about I arranged them in succession so you can see for yourself.

Ok you listened to that...Now listen to this...Resemblance?

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Hunts

I promised pics of the buckets I made for my niece and nephew. I just painted them for an Easter present since it was Chloe's last hunt unofficially. haha. They had an awesome time. It was our two year old's first easter egg hunt ever and he loved it. Pics below.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

Ever since my sister moved home it has been so delightful. I cannot believe how much a part of me was missing since she was gone. She was in the Air Force every since high school. I have said this before that we shared a room and if we got mad at each other we couldn't go to sleep until we made up.

So yesterday my sister called me in the morning. It was one of those lonely stay at home mom days where I did not have any errands to run, no money to be impulsive with, and no projects currently on tap for me to mess up. We discussed what the other would be doing that day. She is staying home until she starts school in the summer. So this is the time where we can catch up and spend good moments together.

You know that part of you that is insecure that is like a black void that is really obnoxious? Well I have one. I hinted here and there to her that I could come over but she didn't catch the bait. She was cleaning her home that day. I had already cleaned.

I went to lay in my bed. What? Defeated so fast?
I told myself I wasn't going to let myself be like that and called her back crying.
She told me to get my butt over to her home. Then she said she had a prize for me.

My younger sister is saving me again! From myself. Anyway we went to the mall and she had this VS gift card and bought me some body spray that I really enjoyed!!
Spray along with lip gloss and lotions are my obsession. Yes I am a junkie.

Anywho is was an amazing fun day. Good Good.

Today I straightened my 2 year old's room and got it ready for the baby so he could get used to the stuff around his daily routine. I have the crib on one side and his little big boy bed on the other. Pics will come but not until it looks cool. I have a plan to paint a mural on his walls and that is when I will decide to put pics up of his room.

It's getting very dark outside. Today is going to be a girls day out for me, my sis, and our mutual gal pal. Yes we have one of those. She is amazing to how she handles both of us. Haha. The whole jealousy thing isn't there. It's like she is our third sister. I got a gift card from them at my baby shower to get my nails done so it's good times.

Till next time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Wordless Wednesday

Clean Freak

Now that I'm feeling better, I decided to go shoppin' for a belt for my vacumn. I sucked up one of my 2 year old's toys one day and i knew I messed it up. It didn't suck right for 3 weeks I let it go. I used the hose to get the big stuff but my carpets have a layer of nuts, crumbs, and dust bunnies gathering to attack my nose. I took the plunge today and wrote the model numbers down and went on a trip. I got the best pic of my toddler on a john deer tractor but I dont' know how to put phone pics on here. Anyway I vacumned my heart out this afternoon and plucked some spring and brought it inside. I feel great. My new me of just doing things is really working out. I made easter buckets yesterday for my niece and nephew but of course my battery on my camera died so no pics of that until easter. In the meantime I hope you all enjoy this happy spring day.

Sunday, April 5, 2009


The past few days I have been in a funk. I relayed that earlier. It started I believe from lack of endorphins from working out. Today I went to church and I believe God had a message for me. Stop whining. Get up and just do something. I don't care what it is but don't talk yourself out of it. My friends just surrounded me this morning. I received a present for the baby of amazing little baby boy outfits. Then I received a jar of handmade lotion!!! One of my sisters made me lotion. It made my hands so soft too. And let me tell you this gal and her family are struggling. They are really struggling with her hubby's health. And she just made some lotion. Here I am tip top health, fine time for me to have quiet time, so what is my deal? Well I made myself look really pretty today. You know when I feel crappy I try to look the best I can on the outside. For some reason I thought it would be a good idea to put heals on. I sang on the praise team this morning so after we were done I sat down and slipped off my shoes. When it was time for us to sing again I went to get up and I flew down smacked on my rear. I tripped over my shoes! The heals that I was afraid I might trip in, instead I tripped ON! It hurt my back so bad but it was hilarious.

I feel like it was really God sending me a message to wake up and smell the roses. Shut up and get going. Enjoy this time. I made a list of things to do that I would enjoy. Tomorrow I'm going to get started. We have an annual Easter egg hunt so I'm going to fill eggs with candy. Good times. Who cares if it's not brain surgery or something completely flabergasting going on. Just be still and know he is God.

Good times.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Bring the Funk

It's amazing how much one little sidestep can totally knock you off your track. Ever since I pulled my side muscle and the doc told me I couldn't go work out, I have been depressed. But the rain is good sometimes. Sometimes we need it to wash over and get rid of all the dirt we have collected when all was well right? We don't notice how much it builds up until we have to take a bath. If I don't have something to do, I sit here and sulk. I know that's not right. But I don't know how to make up stuff.

If I see someone doing something and it seems like I can do it too, then I try. So I have been working on perserverence. Trying to stick to things for longer than quitting. Just keeping myself busy doing at least one thing I enjoy. I have been looking at different pictures and then I will try to make my house look like that. That's fun.

I started learning how to play the piano. I have always wanted to. Now I have the time.

When I took my 2 year old to the mall the other day while it was raining, I asked a lady if she was a stay at home mom. She said no, she works most days. There is nothing wrong with that. But I would really like to meet a stay at home mom and see what they do in a day. I need to know what you spend your time on. I am so used to having some kind of structure. Can I just be Que Sera Sera?? What will be will be and just enjoy this time?? I have the love of my life. I have a home. He has a great job. I have a healthy healthy boy. I am so blessed. But its hard sometimes just being normal. if that is what I am.

You know buying things, or going places is only temporary. We have to find happiness in ourselves. That is my goal. Reading scriptures, enjoying playtimes in the moment. Not waiting for the next thing. I think I have learned to master the time issue and just sit and enjoy...Listen to some music.

It's so weird to just have free time..It doesn't feel right. haha. Is it? haha.

Oh well. My sister saved me today and took me to the mall and we bought Yankee Candles. That made me happy for now.