Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wandering Eyes

How many times when you were dating your significant other did you wonder if it was for real? When did you know you got a good egg or a bad one? Hopefully you didn't stick yourself with a smelly one. Or at least if you did you make them wash once in awhile.

What I'm saying is that I tried to call everyone I knew to shout this awesome present I got from my husband last night.

He and I were talking about explicatives around our children. The fact that we have to filter areas b/c our two year old is a repeater and to a point we have control over who and what is said around them.

Well then he tells me that day at work he was offered free lunch by his boss to go for a "psuedo-meeting".

When they were about to leave one of his co-workers walked up to him and said I guess you aren't going. He says yeah I'm going after all. Then he said where they were going. It was one of those boobie hang out the butts restaurants with the good hot wings ya know the one I'm talking about?

Well when he heard that, my HUSBAND tells the guys he's sitting that one out. The co-worker asked him why he wasn't going and he said he had his wife at home to look at. He didn't need to set himself up to look at anyone else but me.

I was like what??????

How much worth did that give to me? Can we say brownie points????

So I just had to shout out to the rooftops in blogworld how amazing of a husband I have. Give props to your man for the things they do for you out of pure love.

God is good.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Mind Play Tricks

No matter how much confidence we gain from the things we do, acquire, or learn about ourselves, there is always that nagging negativity that creeps in here and there.

The kind that begins as a small voice and if you allow it will grow into possibly an anxiety attack. Guess what? Most of the time it's baseless. You may have a feeling about how something came off, but really? Is it even there? Conspiracy theories, insecurities all of these things rip us ladies of our energy. It's not necessary.

I am learning to conquer a lot of this stuff by a few excercises.

1. Recognize the voice when it begins. Tell it out loud shut up or stop.
(eventually this will trick you into listening and attacking it back)
2. Combat the issue before it becomes one. Whomever told you something or looked at you a certain way. Just confront them. This is tough. Most of the time we even are in that situation is a lack of communication from us. Just ask what they meant or where it came from. Most of the time this diffuses it immediately and should be the first thing done.

3. Have a trusted friend to vent to when you get that way if its' out of control. In love they should help you figure out that its not anything you should worry about.

I'm sharing this because I have been tackling a lot of things in my mind because I have the time and trying to be a better person overall. Almost all my anxiety is gone based on having God at the center of my life. He gives me a peace that passes all my understanding.

My husband is really good at helping me realize a lot of what I come up with is too much thinking into it. For example.

I will sit here and look at peoples actions and go hmm..Was that directed at me?
A few situations have occurred lately and instead of focusing on the positive parts I'm looking at what may have been. With later dealings, realizing it was all for not.

The other part is your worth. My husband said a wonderful thing to me that I wrote and hung up next to my computer. I was wondering if I was a good enough friend to people and wondering why I didn't have more...etc..etc...

He said Liz,

Any person would be lucky to have you as a friend.

How is that for worth? Amazing. I encourage all of you to knock that off today. Use the things I shared as excercises and see how much more content you are in your day.


Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Wow. What a day. I woke up this morning so early with my baby boy. He is amazing. I wish this time would last forever. He's so sweet and charming to everyone. We go grocery shopping and he waves and smiles at everyone. He hugs old ladies legs. He's just adorable.

I finally tackled his nursery today to update for the baby and clear stuff out. It's tough with pregnancy brain to filter thru all the stuff. I just knew I had to get it all in order b/c I would be sitting there nursing and seeing all the clutter. That would've driven me crazy. Its so weird how slow I'm moving these days. My baby in my tummy is just stretching me out and so low that I have back pain and just have to take things slow. That doesn't agree with my brain. Oh well.

It took me the better part of the day and a short nap but I got it done. I'll have my hubs vacumn tonight and take out the big bags to storage.

A funny side story.........................

Yesterday I took my new car in that we just bought to make room for new baby on it's way right? Well the shocks were a little worn so I took it in b/c it's still under warranty.
I get a call from the receptionist telling me that she had bad news. My heart sank. I'm thinking they found a serious issue with my NEW car.

No...The repair guy accidentally broke the hood of my new car! I HAD to laugh when she told me that. She was so apologetic. I just couldn't believe how freaky that is.
So while it's getting replaced, I'm driving a rental vehicle at their expense.
The manager came up to me when I went in to pick up the seat and other stuff. He looked like he had a tail between his legs. I told him it's not problem as long as they take care of their mistake they've done a good job. I'm not upset.

When I went to pick up my rental car, the guy there asked me meekly if I was ok to drive this specific model. I told him of course. I guess there are people out there that take advantage of freak things with a bad attitude. But I would say hey ALL GOOD.

That morning I bought hubs some undies, and my 2 year old let his grandfather "POC" know that they were for his "willy". But he said the scientific word.
Then when we went to pick up the rental we were still carrying the undies and he told the salesman there they were for daddy. He made the UNMENTIONABLES "MENTIONABLE">