Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Well I started the potty training process a couple months ago and it's been a steady declining process. You know how you get jump started doing something with a lot of energy and passion and it just dwindles? Well that seems to be the case with my 2 year old. He was peeing in the toilet standing up and even he pooped a couple times. But then bam nothing. He would say he wanted to use the potty but he just forgot how I guess. Well today I decided I would put regular undies on him and he is just peeing in them. I don't know if he even cares. I keep bringing him to the toilet. Maybe I just need to wait. I don't know.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Zach -4 weeks away!

Here he is! Isn't the ultrasound 3D amazing? This is my 35th week and I'm ready for this little guy to meet us. I'm 3 centimeters dilated today so we'll see. I'm scheduled for c-section on August 17th. I may not make it that long. They say he is a good size and should average 8 lbs by the time he's ready to get here. Isn't that crazy? Things are great. I have been relaxing around the house and folding little clothes for him. Big brother is ready to meet him.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Want Grocery Relief?

GO HERE!!!!!!
e-Mealz-A Meal Planner

Moms out there who hate coming up with a grocery list every week.
Then you have to pick out recipes. You get in a rut and have to make the same meal every week. My hubs one day said "sigh" garlic chicken again?

He found this website and it has just changed our lives! It's so awesome.
It's five bucks a month but it's so worth the money you save b/c you are never wasting food.

You go there, choose the plan you want. We use the lowfat Wal-mart plan. I can go to Aldi's too for cheaper items if I want. You can really be flexible with it.

Print out the two weeks worth of meals. Then you can go thru them and see what you want and substitute if you don't like a meal. Then you have a grocery list with the prices suggested right next to it and the final tally at the bottom. This way you aren't surprised and embarrassed that you overspent at the checkout.

It's the best. I put this on my fridge and get to figure what I'm gonna make for the day. I can defrost that way and get things ready.

The chart you print out has the meal, then the ingredients you need next to the meal, then the directions on how to make it!! All on one chart to stick on your fridge.

I just love this site so much. I hope it helps you as much as it has helped our family.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

An Octagon

I haven't written on here in awhile. I guess it's because I've been so happy. My aunt told me a funny saying that is out there.

The first three months of pregnancy - You're Leary
The second three months of pregnancy- You're Cheery
The third and last three months - You're Weary

I have done what I said I was going to do this summer and floated mostly in the pool going swimming with my little guy and enjoying him as much as I can. I talk to him about his brother coming. He seems pretty excited about it. We'll see what happens when he's actually here. I have dilated a half centimeter every week I've gone to the doc so I am on very limited movement and that has been tough. I've gotten a lot of stuff done and NOT done around the house. I keep sitting in places looking around going hm..What can I do with that spot. IT BUGS ME!
I redo or work on it and just having an idea of what I am going to do pleases me. I have some pictures saved of ideas. My husband is working diligently on the back door.

We had to have it replaced since the thing was old and the window broke.
See lots of things going on to catch up on.

In the midst of all this, I was driving over to spend time with in-laws, YES I LOVE THEM! On the drive we stopped at a stop sign. My 2 and a half year old little guy tells me "LOOK Mommy, AN OCTAGON!".

I register what he just said and realize indeed the STOP SIGN is in fact in the shape of an Octagon. CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like a sponge I tell you what. I was so thrilled with his observation I just sat there for a minute getting honked at. I didn't care. It's the simple things in life.