Thursday, November 15, 2007

Wishing all well

Here I am. In the blog world sharing my life. I will begin with the last five years. We typically plan that much out at a time don't we? As I graduated college, I got engaged to my soul mate, Eric. We had a six month engagement and I got my dream job in television. Four months after we were married, I got pregnant. We had decided to just let God run his plan on our lives. He thought four months was enough time for us to get aclamated to our newlywed routine. I was pretty upset about his decision. I got over it quickly and jumped right into helping this new lifeform grow inside me. It was an amazing experience to have something living inside you. I knew he was there when we went on a trip to St. Louis and I didn't drink any beer. That was weird for me.

When we got home I took the test and it came up positive. After six more tests it was official. We were going to enter the next chapter of our lives. It all seemed to happen so fast. I was a party girl in college working two jobs and suddenly I was a married women, just twenty-four and getting ready to bring a life into the world. Talk about overwhelming. My family was all around me and very helpful with advice. Lots of advice. When taking advice you just need to listen and nod your head. You don't neccessarily have to take it. I got everything from going all natural in birth to pulling on your boobs so they aren't tender when the baby nurses. Ahhh gross.

Anyway it was a perfect time. We enjoyed spending lots of time together. I slept every chance I got. The baby is crying right now. Too be continued...

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