Thursday, April 29, 2010

The path to LOVELY

Today, my mother-in-law took my hubs, boys, and I to this little garden path out in the middle of nowhere in Indiana. It was off all these SR 600 and whatnots. Very beautiful. Got some pics of the boys. This place smelled of lavender and all good things. Even the portapotties were beautiful.

Donut Holes BABY!

My last two weeks have been jam packed with stuff to do. I am really proud to say, I got over my attitude about counting calories. I stopped all Diet Cokes from entering my body, and all fake sugar into my coffee. It's not that bad. I actually am aquiring a taste for it. Like when you make yourself eat your vegetables, you start to enjoy them. At least I feel better. There are definitely stages of this business of transforming your body. I was in denial for too long.

What got me to change was I kept telling myself that I had time to lose this baby fat. The baby is only 4 months, he's only 6 months. Then I saw a chick at Mommy and Me class at the Y who had a baby that was 3 months and she was tiny, but still had her belly. But I haven't been tiny since before Lex was born and he's 3. Get over it Liz!

Here I am two weeks into keeping track what I eat on and I'm two pant sizes down from 16 to 14. And I'm on my way.

Every morning I battle my brain to go to the gym. Always getting there somehow. Even though my brain is telling me all the reasons not to, I still make myself get the boys dressed, put on my sports bra, and tennis shoes, JUST IN CASE.

I usually go.

Last week I was on my way to the gym, or so I was heading in that general direction and somehow my car veered off the road, right into the Krispy Kreme drive-thru. Dangerous that they have a drive-thru.

My 3 yr old wanted a donut hole. He was good that morning. Oh, what's that Krispy-Kreme, you only have donut holes in cups of 10? Oh well.

So I ate one and gave him one. Then I ate another. 3 by the time I got to the Y.

Walked in and sweat myself into a frenzy running away from the fat that was making its way to my thighs.

I'm gonna be ok.

Friday, April 16, 2010

United Tour Coming To Evansville!!!

Show Date: Saturday May 1, 2010
Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Showtime: 7:00 PM

Venue: New Beginnings
Address: 11420 Middle Mount Vernon Road
City: Evansville, IN 47712

Sanctus REAL, Johnny Diaz, Mike's Chair!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In the Moment

My husband has shown me a very valuable lesson in life. That is to be in the moment. Even the slow ones. I move fast. Always. Thinking ahead to the next thing I have to do. At first I was proud of myself that I could accomplish so much in a day.

My heart racing with um...Anxiety. If anyone got in my way, I'd snap. Or snip. Not necessarily yelling. That's not a person I would like to be around.

Last night my husband was in his workshop outside making numbers for our house. I guess he noticed it was a little damp in there or humid. I walked in to let him know I was going on some errands only to find this when I came out there.

My heart started racing. Many thoughts came to mind.
Do you realize all the animals that will now take refuge in here.?
Your tools are exposed to the elements until this gets fixed.
I guess the backsplash in the kitchen will be put off for another six weeks.

What are you going to cover this with.?
What money will you use to buy supplies to rework this wall.?

I took a deep breath within myself and said oh, look at that.
It is my nature that before I take any action, I think of all the things I need.
This comes in handy with children.
For example.

Baby in tub. Before you put baby in tub, you need the following:
A towel, outfit laid out, surface to put them on, soap nearby, washcloth.
You can't leave the baby in tub by himself so you must have all these things accessible before beginning the bath.

Why does my husband just put holes in walls? Who knows. But all I know for sure, is I will stand by my man through the holes and pray for my heartrate to adjust to a healthy level from now on.
This is what matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does stuff around the house..YIPPEE.
And he did that wtih the hole b/c water was seaping into the building and would ruin it for good if he didn't do it ....