Thursday, November 15, 2007


I'm learning to let go of life and the little details and throw it to God. For he can and wants to take over our lives and lead us down his path that he has chosen for us. He knew us in the mother's womb and made the choice to bless our lives.

We have to make the choice to get rid of all that distracts from him to ask him to show us the way. Teach us how to follow him in the way that he wants us. We must be OBSEssed with God. Get rid of our silly worries, or insane retarded wants. We are sinful and we want to hold on to what makes us comfortable. But we have to get rid of this today and grab hold of God with open arms.

Its hard to do this and take the step toward letting him take the Wheel. You heard that song by Carrie Underwood right? It's so true. When you open your eyes to your father, he lifts you up and blesses you every day. But its tricky because you have to let go of everthing you know. You can't keep some of your sins and follow him. You have to let them go. Or at least try.

So far when I look back at what I was and where I am now, I'm so much happier. Every day I have a peace that would've never been there with anything else but having the believe that Jesus died for us and we are saved through him.

If you don't do this your heart gets hard. Its tougher to seek him. You don't hear him when you are being loud. Be still and wait for him to reveal himself. He will. I guarantee it.

I'm so amazed at how much he has opened my eyes. Every day he puts people in my path that challenge my beliefs, that convict me for the selfishness I still have in my heart. I think I will always have that.

We can never be like Jesus perfect without sin, but we can get close. I feel closer to him every day. He gives you gifts. For example. We couldn't pay our bills one week. I just told my husband don't worry. God will provide. He did. He sent us a refund check from hospital bills and we got an offering from the church anonymously. Hm. Creepy.

I asked the Lord to take my friend to the altar, and he pushed her where she ran. There are miracles that skeptics may believe is something else. WHO CARES? I would rather take my chances with this life that gives me so much in return than my barren one I had before filled with stress and upset and disapointment and consumed by sin. I was drinking all the time, I was miserable.

Now I have a loving husband, a fabulous church that lifts me up. What have you got to lose? Take your chains and break them over Jesus's ax today. He is ready for you. He has a plan he wants to put in place for your life. Just ask him to take you into his arms. He's been there the whole time. He knows you. You don't have to explain yourself. IT's ok .

No matter what you've done, no matter how horrible, or broken you are. He's here for you. Like no one else. If you ever get depressed, he'll put someone in your path that you will help that you'll realize there is no reason for you to be depressed. There are much more worse off than you.

Just remember we are all brothers and sisters set to meet at our place in heaven someday. But you know what. You have the keys to unlock your heaven here today on earth. It's soo amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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