Thursday, February 26, 2009

Real World Junkie

I just have to say one of my special times in my life is to watch "my shows". This usually consists of me curling up with my laptop while my little one watches his morning shows.

It's my time to let my brain go into a mush phase. It's a type of meditation for me. My hubby usually makes fun of me when I get in this zone and wonders why I don't spend my time doing something constructive.
Wel..........................l today was a constructive time.

I am reading this book "For Women Only". It's amazing. It's a book that gives you an insight into what guys are thinking. A thing that seems to elude me at times.
So last night I'm reading a couple chapters of this book just laughing. I can't believe how simple and how many "duh" moments I had. You'll have to read it to understand.

So here I am reading about guys. One key thing I picked up was that "Women want to feel loved. Guys want Respect." They would prefer feeling unloved rather than feeling disrespected. So based on this, while I was watching the "Real World: Brooklyn", the episode gave me a direct example of girls disrespecting guys, over and over and over again. Until finally the guys in the episode got so angry, one of them broke a table. But lets not be too hasty to believe or quick to judgement that the guys are the jerks here.

They had cleaned up the apartment for several weeks to no end without the help of their female roomies. When they quietly and politely asked them several times to clean up their respective messes, the girls would smirk or laugh it off or whatever, then proceed to call the guys jerks and immature. It was just so simple.

These situations present themselves to all of us I'm sure. To me for example with my man, he wanted to build a bookshelf in our home. Immediately I said no. He had never done anything like that before. Why would he be able to do that and it was going to be a nonstop mess that I would have to look at. Before I freaked, I should've thought about how that made him feel. Inadequate and disrespected. Duh. I told him to go ahead and kept my natural impulse to hide the hammer to myself. He built us a very beautiful bookcase that really adds to our home.

So maybe if you are confused about why your significant other gets so angry, it might be a simpler way to diffuse those things and keep them happy. They do so much for us.

Anyway pick up this book. It's amazing so far.

Also I am sharing this with you because I enjoy talking and having serious discussions after viewing these shows. I am a junkie. I laugh at myself when I am discussing or saying things while I am watching the shows. You do it too! Haha. It's not out of hand. I only do it once a week.. And also this week I painted my bathroom pantry. So I don't just sit around and watch shows. I do this also while little guy is napping so don't go getting judgemental on me. Haha.
My other guilty pleasure shows:
The Office
The City
The Hills
Jon & Kate Plus 8

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prego got the STRAP

Do you still want everything to stop and all hands to be on you when you wake up sick?

When I was growing up if I was sick I even had friends who would read me books while I rested.

Now its a question game to see if you are really sick.

When I'm sick...I get SICK!

When my hubs and I were dating, I got a stream of sickness that lasted for three months straight. Haven't been sick since then. Until now......................

So here I am. I wake up a little out of it and my left tonsil is swollen. Still have to change baby and play with him while laying on the floor. Still have to sing at church. Still have to figure out how to get the laundry done that day. The next day. Right tonsil hurts. Left tonsil is better.

I get some halls.

Then I go to sleep and wake up all swollen and hot and sweaty and can barely talk. My head is pounding and my whole entire body aches. I squeak to my hubs that he's gonna have to get my 2 year old out of the house for the day. He asks me why. I don't reply.

I sleep for 30 minute intervals. Wake up drink some water. Sweat. Freeze. Sweat.. Eat a cracker. I'm pregos so I can't take anything. I have some sore throat spray that I numb my throat with and my savior during this time. ...Tylenol...

Today...I wake up and I feel great. Nope. Sike. My tylenol just hadn't worn off yet and I look into the mirror at my throat. I have two grapefruits back there and a pearl coated wall.

Hubs makes me some breakfast that I drink and we head to the doc.

I drink some G on the way. Great revitalizer.

Doc looks at me and says good thing you caught this. It's all the way down in your throat and could've hurt your baby. No kidding?

So I get some scripts and yogurt. You got to eat yogurt ladies on antis or else you'll get some nice present downstairs..NO FUN there. Doc reminded me that. I was grateful.

So I slept and then when I woke up I was feeling a lot better. Enough to tell my tales of the last few days. So hopefully the next few days I can wrestle this beast of the strap on my throat like my nephew likes to say.

Pray healing rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loves...liz

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

SAHM You can be too!

When my hubby and I were dating three years ago, we would spend long hours in discussion regarding family and our life that we each wanted to have.

His life consisted of having a family, and nurturing it with a good job and lots of values and love.
My path consisted of me having a family alone and having an incredible lucrative career with lots of parties. That was when we were 22.

When we dated we decided to wait till marriage to be together. Also we decided together that we could stay home with our children and raise them. With that I had a lot of issues at first. I thought that wasn't possible. I really did think any marriage I entered wouldn't work. Rightly so b/c we tend to follow and believe we will repeat our parents statistically. I didn't even realize how silly that was at the time but I could live my own life. Change the course of the path I was going.

I just assumed since it happened to my mom and I looked up to her and she was soo smart and an amazing independent woman and she raised three kids by herself that I would do the same thing or at least I was prepared to.

Well my hubby convinced me after much frustration that I could stay at home and it wasn't a horrible thing. I was like well what will I do? It was scary to take that step and really when I agreed to it, I didn't think it would happen. For some reason I thought that we wouldn't have kids for a long time or not at all. So I wouldn't worry about it.

Well good thing we waited for marriage because 4months after getting married we were pregnant. When I was pregnant it was so much fun. I was really peaceful thru the entire thing.
I was working my "dream job" at the time and it turned out it wasn't so dreamy.
I guess thru my entire college and before that I pictured that my identity was inside of the job I held. In fact, it isn't. It's in your character and actions every day. You can do so much with what God gifts you. That doesn't necessarily mean you have to have a "career".

Believe me I heard everything from you're wasting your brain, your education is worthless. It was tough. Especially after I had my first, I would go places and even family gatherings and people would ask what are you doing now. I would say proudly staying home with my son. They would just move on to someone more interesting. I am interesting. I believe anyway. Haha.

I just wanted to explain that there is a way for everyone to stay at home if you want to. You have to redirect your wants and needs and prioritize your finances. We still go out from time to time and we pay bills.

You have to have a budget and plan.

It's a little sacrifice for a huge gain. My 2 year old can recognize all his letters, his numbers thru 20 and he is even starting to read. I am not wasting my intelligence by sitting with him.
It's not all sitting around watching elmo and listening to his toys either.

You can go to museums with other moms and while your kids play you can discuss things going on in the world or whatever.

Just think of waking up in the morning, going to workout, and having a clean house you have plenty of time to decorate it. Laughing and not missing out on any of your son's first moves.

I had a friend who worked in a daycare who let me know if a child did something for the first time, they wouldn't tell the family. I personally would want to know for sure.

Now that's just us. I'm not saying this is for everyone and everyone should do it and if you send your kids to daycare you are terrible. I personally understand that this is a option. And I want to establish the case that it is possible for everyone if you try it.

What got me on this today was my hubby got an email asking what are some good daycares b/c daycares these days cost just as much as a house payment. When he told the person that we stay at home they said they were jealous and wish they could because of all the benefits.

You can do it! That also reminded me that when we were deciding while we were dating way before we even had children, the work issue would give us 50 extra bucks a month. If I worked also and we had to put them in daycare, that is all that would be adding. So the weight of that doesn't balance out to warrant that. I can always go back to work in a couple years. I can research and figure out what I really want to do.

with love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Toddler Resume

I cannot believe how much personality my 2 year old has these days. I encourage all my moms out there to make up a resume of what your kid(s) would submit. I think this would be really funny and also interesting to see what level your kid is at for things they know how to do. We may forget to put it in the baby book. After the first couple of things like teeth coming in and what not I personally have let the book collect dust. So here is the resume of my 2 year old.

I can tell my mommy when I have to poop or have pooped.
I can roll, bounce, and throw a ball or other objects for that matter.
I'm very persistant. IE: When I want something, I throw things at mommy, or I can do a mean whine or stare if the situation calls for it.
I can open up any iphone application including but not limited too, writing emails to wbrksgkal, my animatch game, etc.. Reference upon request on this one.

Best singer of ABC's, Elmo's song, Veggie Tales Theme song, and Golden globe in parroting my mommy and daddy. Careful there kiddos.

I'm still learning every day and am definitely a sponge for all you have for me.
May i color a picture for you to hang on your fridge?

He's amazing isn't he? Haha.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Valentines

In pursuit of Valentine's day arrival, I've been thinking of my hubby a lot more than usual. At the beginning arent' our guys all we think about? Then come the babies who demand a little more of my time. Then there is the new baby on it's way and the sickness has kind of made me a little on the self-absorbed time. So here I am considering my hubby and the approaching day that is funny but it started out from very odd beginnings. I dare you to go look up the root of V-day and see how it all began. It was a raffle for mates. So hilarious. But it's PG-13...

But back to my man. I really have to give a big HELL YA to all the men out there who choose to be a man. My personal definition based on my personal knowledge, is this..

A man: A guy who provides for his wife. Who sets out every day to care for his family thru his actions. (This is the key ladies and what we get tricked on sometimes) He chooses each day to take on such incredible pressure that he believes if he doesn't succeed his family won't either.

Sometimes we forget what our men are internally dealing with. They don't seek approval from their friends like us woman. They need us to nurture them just as much as we nurture our other relationships. If not our nurturing to them is the most important. We are the center of our households and we hold an incredible spindle. Which way will your lean? Toward a happy family or a frustrated negative one?

We are loved by our men's actions. What have they done for you lately? Did they spend their day off getting all the sticks chopped up in little bundles neatly beside the road? Did they take out the trash? Did they fix dinner for you because you were sick? Well those are some of the things my man did for me. I appreciate him so much. He wrestles with my son every night and even sings him to bed sometimes.

So this V-day if you have a significant other, give them major props.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

A good day

The weather was amazing today. Short sleeve shirt kind of day. No jackets. It was weird. I found my sidewalk b/c the ice melted. I didn't have to skate to the car. When I woke up I was sick but I went to the pharmacy to fill my phengren. That stuff helps but it makes me so tired.

My hubby took me to get a new haircut and I just love it. It makes me feel "sassy". Like Roxy would say .."wink".

After a visit with my nan, she just had hip replacement surgery we went back home to clean up some of the debris still in our yard. Oh well. Less limbs that carry leaves for next fall eh?

It was just fun to be outside soaking up the fresh air. I opened all the windows in the house. I always love to get that fresh air in and the pent up musty air out. I even put a soup on the crockpot for a seven hour cook.

Go me!
I attacked the pile of clothes that was starting to spread out into the living room.

Hmm.Oh and I cleaned my car out. I literally had a garbage bag filled with my 2 year old's toys. He brings one with him every time we got somewhere and not always am I able to get him and his toys. So that was nice.

Tonight I watch my friends tripletts so she can have a girls night out. It's been long overdue.

Good times.

Did you have a good day with this weather? i feel like I'm a weather person. If the sun isn't out, I'm not either.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tag..Your IT!

I got tagged. Sixth photo in sixth folder. This was easter last year. My three dollar Walmart sweater. Lex's outfit was the cutest. This was also right after we moved to our new house. If you can look closely behind me you can see a door off the hinges. My hubby has since put the door on but we still have the closet door to contend with. Good times. We bought an older house so all the doors had retired. I love this precious moment. He's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now muhahah. i tag thee. To continue.....don't cheat.

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