Thursday, November 15, 2007


You know how fast you go through money. Maybe your parents loaned you some cash to pay some bills, maybe you got some money for a birthday. How fast did you spend it? Was it already spent in your mind. I was complaining in my head about what I couldn't get at the store and the things I couldn't go out and do and then I saw this episode of Oprah. She featured this young christian couple who started up this business called it's amazing. This is a network of people who find entrepeunerers all over the world who need just a few dollars to turn their lives around. This lady in this ad only need a couple hundred. She has children she has struggled to send to school. They only get dollars a day. I mean come on . How selfish of a nation can we be. At least I'm feeling pretty convicted right now. I know I can spend it faster than I can earn it.

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