Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Names

The past week has been insane. Its amazing how vulnerable you feel when you lose power. Then you realize it's cold. So much so that you cannot stay in your home. We had my Nan's two bedroom apartment to retreat too during the power outage. She had hip surgery so we had a bed to sleep in. It was amazing how many people could sit in one place for three days.

I was ready to go home when our neighbor called to say her power was back on. I was so grateful.
When we got home I gave my 2 year old a much needed bath. He was playing with his toys and I walked in to sit with him. I reminded him that Mommy was gonna have a baby. I showed him my belly and he said "Baby sister". I didn't coax him to say that by the way. He has said it from the beginning so we'll see if it's a girl. We haven't found out yet.

Anyway I decided I would pass by him the names we had come up with . I just came up with girl names so far. So I said would you like Evelyn or Zoey. He said NO, ELMO!

(I'll pause here so you can laugh).

Seriously I thought he just didn't understand what I asked so I asked him again. Evelyn or Zoey. He said Elmo. So that's official. haha.

But He did like Zoey in the end. So maybe it will be Zoey maybe it will be something else. Ie Boy.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On a freezing day, GO SWIMMING!

This morning waking up to an icy wall and frozen world outside my cozy abode, I figured it would be a pj day. Cozy in my slippers with hot chocolate and rice krispy treats. Nope. My hubby thought it would be an awesome and perfect opportunity to go swimming. Sure why not? The windows on my car have an inch of ice on them. I feel like swimming!!

So we bundled up and stripped down and went swimming in the 85 degree pool at the Y. Yep.
There were actually other people swimming today also. Lex was so cute in his little swimmers. He would go under the water and say GOTCHU when he jumped on me.

We had a blast and I'm so glad I got some good excercise in. It was so relaxing and very spontaneous. We didn't even fall on our butts going back to the car afterwards. But Lex did. He slipped. I caught him tho.

So the rest of the day we chased each other around the house while my hubby worked from home. So nice.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Adam is a Dust Bunny

This weekend I went out on an excursion with my brother and sister. A feat we hadn't done together in three years. My sister brought her five year old and we were staying in the same room.
One morning he was talking ot me while I was getting ready and asked..

"Aunt Liz, what are those grey fuzzy things in the window?"
I tell him they were dust bunnies.
He asked what were those?

After thinking about it on his level, I say you know when you scratch your arm and it flakes sometimes and if you notice flakes off your scalp or when the sun shines in the window you see little particles flowing thru the air. Well those all come together in a ball if not cleaned up in vacumming and they collect into a ball called a dust bunny.

He seemed to be satisfied with that description. From that, he says, so where did humans come from.

I think a minute and give the answer that he came from his mom. He said yes I know we come from our mommies. I am saying where did the first human come from.

I was dumbfounded. A child of such innocence asks such a strong profound question.

I tell him the first human came from God.
He says so God was a human??
I said well it's hard to wrap your head around specifically what God is. I would say he is a spirit that is in everyone and everything. He is the big voice in the sky. Etc.

God made the first human out of dust. His name was Adam. Then he took Adam's rib and made Eve. Then Adam and Eve together made the first children. And so on and so on.

So he was putting that together. He says so does God have superpowers?

I said yes, I guess he does.

He says what is God's superpower.

I tell him God's superpower is LOVE.

He says so when you get the goosebumps on your arms and you get really happy to be around your mom, that is God?

Yes. It's Love.

So after we were talking about all this. I pondered over all that was discussed.
I came to the conclusion that Adam is a dust bunny. He came from the dust and God put him together from it.

Amazing Grace

I had the best most wonderful day today. It was so fullfilling.

I woke up with a plan. I wasn't sick. First plan was to not be sick.

Went to work out at this new mommy and me class and it was so great! I broke a sweat and got red in the face. That's when I know I did my job and the instructor brought it.

It was very inspiring to see all these women who just had kids and they look hot! I was happy to see that in my future. To be healthy and hot. Simple.

Then I took lunch with a pastor of mine and she was so encouraging to me. You can spend your time doing one of two things. Encouraging or criticizing. I choose the first one. So should everyone.
Why criticize or point out flaws?

Anyway it was a great day all around. I wasn't even sleepy when I got home so I was able to have some free time for myself while baby took nap.

Usually I sleep to and that really robs me of my me time.

We all need it ladies don't we?

Anyway I will work on being more encouraging in my blog also.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sick ..Again

So our little family is expecting again. This should be our final endeavour at creating life.
So far I've been sick most of my first 9 weeks of pregnancy. Mom's out there does it ever stop? With my first one I was only sick for 2 weeks and moving on to the glowing phase.
Right now I can barely stop hugging my porcelain "God". Haha. Takes me back to college days.
Anyway with the sickness is an incredible depression that is really tough to take on with a little guy wondering around at home.
I have split up the days of cold and cabin fever for him by movies, random outings, and playdates.
For me I stick to lying on the bed watching random shows. So one of these days of sickness and they last all days folks, I was dozing while reading a magazine and I hear from my little guy

I jumped out of bed and looked down at my 2 year old holding two fresh eggs he retrieved from the fridge. Here is my little man banging the two eggs on a friend's printer my husband was trying to fix.

Yes honey two eggs, that's right..Are there any other eggs?
We put them back in the fridge safe.
Later that evening when I was attempting to straighten and days lost of housework, I stumbled across an eggshell. I picked up my magazine from earlier and found the escapee. The yolk was working it's way into my carpet for a good stain that will last.

As a memory always "TWO EGGS".

Monday, January 5, 2009

A Theme

I'm getting a strong theme in America these days regarding our children.
It appears there is a sense of disdain and misunderstanding when our blessed ones arrive in our midst.

A little one comes into our world, maybe more than one we decide. It's great at first and sometimes it's not. There is a point and this happens to more than just me because I've had freinds who tell me. But you say I am living for this human being. For at least the next 18 years, this is my responsibility to keep happy, healthy and loved.

You are your childrens' first teacher. We teach them finance, love, everything about life. So why does this come off to us as a trap we set for ourselves? Why is there this theme that keeps coming up in our culture, in talk shows etc? It appears under the vice of where is our time? Our time?
It's your family now. You can make priorities.

I'm talking about when there are these things said that you don't have time left for yourselves because it's all spent on the kids. I can't wait to get away to work.
We can't pay the bills because I'm trying to pursue my dreams.
One of those dreams can include kids right?

There was a story about a family that was trying to pursue their dream while they could barely make ends meet with four children at home. It was suggested the mom get a part time job and maybe they only keep the dream open for a few days a week.

Our children only are with us in our midst under our guidance for a season. And then they are on their own. How do we want to spend that time?
Struggling? We don't have to. It's all about your planning, and attitude. You can adjust your attitude. I did.

When I first was married, I was very selfish and I still am at times. I didn't think I had to stay home with my kid. Why couldn't my husband do that. I didn't have to wash the dishes or do the laundry. But guess what happened when I did do those things? My family was calm. My husband had a smile. He and I have a brilliant relationship. He gives me back more than I could ever imagine because I do just a few things a day. With a happy heart. Resentment is terrible.

So it didn't happen overnight. I just realized I was being silly. Don't be a slave to our culture and what it assumes is best for you. Realize how you need to live. Then do it.