Friday, November 16, 2007

Personal Accountability

I'm sick and tired of hearing our culture being such victims!! Why can't we just take responsibility for our actions. Whether it be in politics or parenting. Please people. Give me a break. In that previous post, the article finished that the parents of the young girl were getting a divorce. Also it said that they were working on something to keep people from being mean.

Basically coming up with a law that would prosecute someone who was harrassing another person online. Not the parents fault at all in this case, huh? So ANNOYING!!!

I'm a parent. A young parent mind you. So I don't have the experience of working with teens on a parental level, but I am a youth director and see this crap every day. The difference is I see what the kids tell me that they don't tell their parents. So I understand what is going through their minds. Its very simple. They want a peaceful environment. With LOVE!!!

So the next time you feel like arguing, stop. Don't do it in front of the children. They feel it. Hard!!

Anytime Eric and I begin to get frustrated about anything, I notice our baby starts crying. We stop. We made the agreement we would never argue in front of him. This is a hard thing to do but you have to!

We are so selfish anymore that we totally ignore the fact that our children come first. They do. We must make every effort to do this. Make them feel special. Show them you care with spending time with them.

I feel like being a stay at home mom is the first way I can do this in my baby's life. That was a choice Eric and I made when we were dating. So we made it happen. Its totally i our control how we want to live our lives. Not the government.

We don't wait for them to give us social security. Who cares? The system sucks anyway. We save our money. So we're ok when we grow old. Don't count on your children taking care of you or some nursing home. Save your money and research and find what you want to do with your care.

Personal Accountability people. Look it up. And start living that way today.

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