Thursday, November 15, 2007

To My Baby Boy: A Poem

You started out as an idea, a thought, a spark in my imagination.
I went on with my daily routine pushing you aside.
One day I had a feeling you made yourself known.
Two pink lines gave you away.
Then another two just to make sure.
To finalize your existence another two.
After six lines, there was no escaping you.

You were happening
Inside each day you grew from a peanut to what you are at this very

I¹m not sure what you¹ll be like.
It seems you are pretty calm, reserved
Until you kick but then you still are methodic and rhythmic
Are you going to be stubborn like I am?

From your first pictures, you look like your Dad.
He says there is no way to tell but I know.

When you come to us we will love and cherish you.
Dad sings to you now and you seem to like it.

Thanks for not being too hard on me through your growing time.
I love you already.

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