Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Run Forest Run

I had a funny conversation with a friend today. While I was dropping Lex off this morning, I DRAGGED myself to the Y to get on the treadmill. There is a whole process in my head that I have to defeat to keep myself motivated.
Just had to wipe my son after going to the bathroom. Back to basics.

The first thing I do is I get it in my head that I have to find a time to workout. Sweat some as my instructor would say. I can really rationalize away my workouts if I am not careful. So to beat this, I get my sports bra on and get dressed to go to the gym first of all. That's half the battle.

Once I've got that accomplished I actually have to veer away from Chik Fil A, Walmart, or shopping, and head to the gym. When I'm in, I step on the treadmill and start walking and have to push myself to say we're not going to waste our time here, if we are walking it's going to be up a hill.
And Fast.

So today I had a friend that walked in and ended up running right next to me and my competitive nature kicked in and I ended up running for most of the time and really sweating it out. I'm so proud of myself. We had a good time talking and I ran without really having to make myself do so.

The thing about running is it hurts at first for me. But once I get going, it's like in Forest Gump when he was running with the braces on his legs. That had to be awkward and hurt. But he busted them off and he was off. That is how it is for me. Once I get past the couple creaks and aches, I'm home free. I get my music added to the mix and I'm a happy lady. And before long hopefully if I can get my stubborness out of my system, and my hubs will be happIER. Lol.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Eating Healthy for My INSIDE

I just wanted to say something today. I went to my doctor today for a yearly physical. He did blood work to test my lipids. My bad cholesterol was down by 30 points and my good cholesterol was where it needed to be.. I have been working out and eating "SUPER FOODS" I'll put a list under for you to see.

He said this is the simple things to keep us from having strokes, heart attacks, and diabetes. All run in my family.

It reminded me that whether or not the scale is going up or down, my inside body and choices are making me live longer for my boys. Please remember this when you get discouraged. Even though you might not see a difference outside, you are making a HUGe impact on the inside. The list below we use each week when we are making up our grocery list. Just having these foods in any way in our diet, has made a great difference.

Dark Chocolate
Dried SuperFruits
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Low Fat Yogurt
Wild Salmon

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My son's first Halloween

My four year old is now going to preschool three days a week and he had his first halloween party this week. I brought my one year old and his brother with me to his party and he crawled right over to jump into the action here. It was adorable. Lex is learning so much in his class, just socially. This morning when I picked him up he had a made a new friend last week that he was really excited about. She dressed up as Jesse and he of course was Buzz, so that made them instant friends. Well he let me know today that she didn't have room for him to be his friend anymore because she had a new friend. I didn't know what to say. This is my little boy growing up and actually having issues that he is sharing with me that hurt his feelings and really I can't do anything about except maybe encourage him. Aww. I hope she's friends with him tomorrow.

He did have a great Halloween. Got the hang of going door to door pretty fast and this was his little costume here with his buddies in his class. He was soo pumped that his teacher was the Cat in the Hat. These are the days that I'm going to document because they will go by so fast.

Healthy Train

*SHUDDER* Today was interesting. Last night I fasted from midnight to this morning late because I had to get blood work done for my doc exam on Thursday.
I drank water all morning. My sweet mom in law is a nurse who took my blood for me b/c my veins are tiny. She came to my home so I wouldn't have to go to the lab and get stuck a whole bunch, and, being sweet, brought me a Mcdonalds breakfast sandwich. The grease was dripping off it was so amazing. I ate it of course b/c how could I not?
Then we had a MoPs playdate at Mcdonalds on the WestSide.
Do you see where this day is going?
I thought it was so cute b/c Laura came over to me with a big thing of french fries with a funny look on her face and I started laughing because she was thinking the same thing. Her and I both participate on our Biggest Loser group on Facebook, we are at mcdonalds, and she's offering me french fries. Hilarious. I had to run intervention so I let Zach have some. Then I ate a couple. Then I went and bought the boys a happy meal that they shared and I got a "snack wrap" mushroom and swiss. I was pretty proud of myself.
So for dinner..Not sure. lol. So moral of the story. Some days are going to be not as great as other days, but I'm still making good choices inside of that. And that makes me happy. Here are two pictures to show a little progress. I go by the roundness of my face. The skinnier I am, the less round. I'm down from 176 to 171.5. Let us just see if I can maintain or get better.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


Where did my writing knome go? The little man that pops in my head with a great charismatic story to tell. He took a leave of absence and didn't ever return. Hope he comes back. I figure if I just write, eventually something will come to me. Anyway as far as life is concerned, my little man is almost four. I updated that on the sidebar thanks to my buddy who read my last post since JUNE.

My other little buddy is just turned one. And who just walked across the floor by himself tonight? HE did!! It was the cutest thing. He was so proud of himself. But just the once. It must've been the Kentucky Fried chicken he had for dinner.

I'm on a journey now. To begin this looking better goal. Taking care of myself.
I keep talking about it, but I'm still eating all the extras. I'm excercising but since I do that, I still sneak the extra piece of cheese. Even the little crunchies I get for my little guy. It's embarrassing. But I'm sharing it so I'm not hiding it anymore. I'm tired of being this size. A middle 14-16. When I can't believe that is reality. But it is. I have wavered between the 12-16 range over the last couple of months.

When the kids get sick, I'm home, but that doesn't mean I can't still focus on my diet. That's what I ultimately need to work on. I have a grocery list. We'll see what happens. This is me from my vacation in September, when I was really deciding to tackle this once and for all.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

100th POST

Everyone has surpassed me I know. I have been waiting on this moment for a long time and now I'm thinking I just need to get this over with. It's a great accomplishment. I can't wait half a year to get it over with. LOL. I have a photography business now. I'm going great with it. My boys are my life. They are absolutely amazing. Very intense, but amazing. I'm starting a book club with my MOPS group. It's John Baker's "Life's Healing Choices". The chance to work on moving forward and not getting HUNG up.

Everything is going very smoothly in my life right now. My grandma just turned 80 years old today. Seeing her grace and love and passion for life, just made me smile. Here are some pics of that.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

The path to LOVELY

Today, my mother-in-law took my hubs, boys, and I to this little garden path out in the middle of nowhere in Indiana. It was off all these SR 600 and whatnots. Very beautiful. Got some pics of the boys. This place smelled of lavender and all good things. Even the portapotties were beautiful.

Donut Holes BABY!

My last two weeks have been jam packed with stuff to do. I am really proud to say, I got over my attitude about counting calories. I stopped all Diet Cokes from entering my body, and all fake sugar into my coffee. It's not that bad. I actually am aquiring a taste for it. Like when you make yourself eat your vegetables, you start to enjoy them. At least I feel better. There are definitely stages of this business of transforming your body. I was in denial for too long.

What got me to change was I kept telling myself that I had time to lose this baby fat. The baby is only 4 months, he's only 6 months. Then I saw a chick at Mommy and Me class at the Y who had a baby that was 3 months and she was tiny, but still had her belly. But I haven't been tiny since before Lex was born and he's 3. Get over it Liz!

Here I am two weeks into keeping track what I eat on
http://www.sparkpeople.com/ and I'm two pant sizes down from 16 to 14. And I'm on my way.

Every morning I battle my brain to go to the gym. Always getting there somehow. Even though my brain is telling me all the reasons not to, I still make myself get the boys dressed, put on my sports bra, and tennis shoes, JUST IN CASE.

I usually go.

Last week I was on my way to the gym, or so I was heading in that general direction and somehow my car veered off the road, right into the Krispy Kreme drive-thru. Dangerous that they have a drive-thru.

My 3 yr old wanted a donut hole. He was good that morning. Oh, what's that Krispy-Kreme, you only have donut holes in cups of 10? Oh well.

So I ate one and gave him one. Then I ate another. 3 by the time I got to the Y.

Walked in and sweat myself into a frenzy running away from the fat that was making its way to my thighs.

I'm gonna be ok.

Friday, April 16, 2010

United Tour Coming To Evansville!!!

Show Date: Saturday May 1, 2010
Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Showtime: 7:00 PM
Tickets: www.itickets.com

Venue: New Beginnings
Address: 11420 Middle Mount Vernon Road
City: Evansville, IN 47712

Sanctus REAL, Johnny Diaz, Mike's Chair!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

In the Moment

My husband has shown me a very valuable lesson in life. That is to be in the moment. Even the slow ones. I move fast. Always. Thinking ahead to the next thing I have to do. At first I was proud of myself that I could accomplish so much in a day.

My heart racing with excitement...er um...Anxiety. If anyone got in my way, I'd snap. Or snip. Not necessarily yelling. That's not a person I would like to be around.

Last night my husband was in his workshop outside making numbers for our house. I guess he noticed it was a little damp in there or humid. I walked in to let him know I was going on some errands only to find this when I came out there.

My heart started racing. Many thoughts came to mind.
Do you realize all the animals that will now take refuge in here.?
Your tools are exposed to the elements until this gets fixed.
I guess the backsplash in the kitchen will be put off for another six weeks.

What are you going to cover this with.?
What money will you use to buy supplies to rework this wall.?

I took a deep breath within myself and said oh, look at that.
It is my nature that before I take any action, I think of all the things I need.
This comes in handy with children.
For example.

Baby in tub. Before you put baby in tub, you need the following:
A towel, outfit laid out, surface to put them on, soap nearby, washcloth.
You can't leave the baby in tub by himself so you must have all these things accessible before beginning the bath.

Why does my husband just put holes in walls? Who knows. But all I know for sure, is I will stand by my man through the holes and pray for my heartrate to adjust to a healthy level from now on.
This is what matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does stuff around the house..YIPPEE.
And he did that wtih the hole b/c water was seaping into the building and would ruin it for good if he didn't do it ....

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A time to Laugh

There has been no desire for me to write because I have been very content in my busy life lately. Since Christmas we got the puppy and have since given it away. It was too much to have a young puppy pooping, potty training a 3 yr old, and changing a baby. I was able to get some things I wanted because we got a nice tax return this year. Good times!! All is well.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dog Bites, Want Hair Did, Baby Teething

Life sucks sometimes. At all levels it's awesome when you have the basics. But eventually you want your hair done. A beautician to make it gorgeous so that every time you look in the mirror you say oh yes that's me.. Oh well. Not now. These are the days of our lives. The days we have to sacrifice b/c we have 3000 hospital bills to cover and we got a dog, a cute little puppy , and the annoying commentary from your husband who wishes he made more so you could get your hair done. Oh well. These are the oh wells that have to go down in a well that never gets heard b/c it is nonsense. Just garble. Wants are not needs. And that's what we have to cover now. Some people in my universe get wants all the time. IN threefold and I get jealous, YES I DO. Lets hear it for the hard workers out there that have been able to do that. Get over it. I have allI need. And that's great.

Love ya.