Thursday, April 15, 2010

In the Moment

My husband has shown me a very valuable lesson in life. That is to be in the moment. Even the slow ones. I move fast. Always. Thinking ahead to the next thing I have to do. At first I was proud of myself that I could accomplish so much in a day.

My heart racing with um...Anxiety. If anyone got in my way, I'd snap. Or snip. Not necessarily yelling. That's not a person I would like to be around.

Last night my husband was in his workshop outside making numbers for our house. I guess he noticed it was a little damp in there or humid. I walked in to let him know I was going on some errands only to find this when I came out there.

My heart started racing. Many thoughts came to mind.
Do you realize all the animals that will now take refuge in here.?
Your tools are exposed to the elements until this gets fixed.
I guess the backsplash in the kitchen will be put off for another six weeks.

What are you going to cover this with.?
What money will you use to buy supplies to rework this wall.?

I took a deep breath within myself and said oh, look at that.
It is my nature that before I take any action, I think of all the things I need.
This comes in handy with children.
For example.

Baby in tub. Before you put baby in tub, you need the following:
A towel, outfit laid out, surface to put them on, soap nearby, washcloth.
You can't leave the baby in tub by himself so you must have all these things accessible before beginning the bath.

Why does my husband just put holes in walls? Who knows. But all I know for sure, is I will stand by my man through the holes and pray for my heartrate to adjust to a healthy level from now on.
This is what matters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He does stuff around the house..YIPPEE.
And he did that wtih the hole b/c water was seaping into the building and would ruin it for good if he didn't do it ....

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