Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Run Forest Run

I had a funny conversation with a friend today. While I was dropping Lex off this morning, I DRAGGED myself to the Y to get on the treadmill. There is a whole process in my head that I have to defeat to keep myself motivated.
Just had to wipe my son after going to the bathroom. Back to basics.

The first thing I do is I get it in my head that I have to find a time to workout. Sweat some as my instructor would say. I can really rationalize away my workouts if I am not careful. So to beat this, I get my sports bra on and get dressed to go to the gym first of all. That's half the battle.

Once I've got that accomplished I actually have to veer away from Chik Fil A, Walmart, or shopping, and head to the gym. When I'm in, I step on the treadmill and start walking and have to push myself to say we're not going to waste our time here, if we are walking it's going to be up a hill.
And Fast.

So today I had a friend that walked in and ended up running right next to me and my competitive nature kicked in and I ended up running for most of the time and really sweating it out. I'm so proud of myself. We had a good time talking and I ran without really having to make myself do so.

The thing about running is it hurts at first for me. But once I get going, it's like in Forest Gump when he was running with the braces on his legs. That had to be awkward and hurt. But he busted them off and he was off. That is how it is for me. Once I get past the couple creaks and aches, I'm home free. I get my music added to the mix and I'm a happy lady. And before long hopefully if I can get my stubborness out of my system, and my hubs will be happIER. Lol.

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Roxy said...

PROUD of you for getting there on TUESDAY and SWEATING.... didn't you feel SO MUCH BETTER AFTERWARD?!?!?
JUST REMIND YOUSELF of that AFTER feeling of accomplishment and the PHYSICAL/MENTAL "greatness" that will occur during and after the sweat!