Thursday, October 14, 2010


Where did my writing knome go? The little man that pops in my head with a great charismatic story to tell. He took a leave of absence and didn't ever return. Hope he comes back. I figure if I just write, eventually something will come to me. Anyway as far as life is concerned, my little man is almost four. I updated that on the sidebar thanks to my buddy who read my last post since JUNE.

My other little buddy is just turned one. And who just walked across the floor by himself tonight? HE did!! It was the cutest thing. He was so proud of himself. But just the once. It must've been the Kentucky Fried chicken he had for dinner.

I'm on a journey now. To begin this looking better goal. Taking care of myself.
I keep talking about it, but I'm still eating all the extras. I'm excercising but since I do that, I still sneak the extra piece of cheese. Even the little crunchies I get for my little guy. It's embarrassing. But I'm sharing it so I'm not hiding it anymore. I'm tired of being this size. A middle 14-16. When I can't believe that is reality. But it is. I have wavered between the 12-16 range over the last couple of months.

When the kids get sick, I'm home, but that doesn't mean I can't still focus on my diet. That's what I ultimately need to work on. I have a grocery list. We'll see what happens. This is me from my vacation in September, when I was really deciding to tackle this once and for all.

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