Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Healthy Train

*SHUDDER* Today was interesting. Last night I fasted from midnight to this morning late because I had to get blood work done for my doc exam on Thursday.
I drank water all morning. My sweet mom in law is a nurse who took my blood for me b/c my veins are tiny. She came to my home so I wouldn't have to go to the lab and get stuck a whole bunch, and, being sweet, brought me a Mcdonalds breakfast sandwich. The grease was dripping off it was so amazing. I ate it of course b/c how could I not?
Then we had a MoPs playdate at Mcdonalds on the WestSide.
Do you see where this day is going?
I thought it was so cute b/c Laura came over to me with a big thing of french fries with a funny look on her face and I started laughing because she was thinking the same thing. Her and I both participate on our Biggest Loser group on Facebook, we are at mcdonalds, and she's offering me french fries. Hilarious. I had to run intervention so I let Zach have some. Then I ate a couple. Then I went and bought the boys a happy meal that they shared and I got a "snack wrap" mushroom and swiss. I was pretty proud of myself.
So for dinner..Not sure. lol. So moral of the story. Some days are going to be not as great as other days, but I'm still making good choices inside of that. And that makes me happy. Here are two pictures to show a little progress. I go by the roundness of my face. The skinnier I am, the less round. I'm down from 176 to 171.5. Let us just see if I can maintain or get better.

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