Thursday, April 29, 2010

Donut Holes BABY!

My last two weeks have been jam packed with stuff to do. I am really proud to say, I got over my attitude about counting calories. I stopped all Diet Cokes from entering my body, and all fake sugar into my coffee. It's not that bad. I actually am aquiring a taste for it. Like when you make yourself eat your vegetables, you start to enjoy them. At least I feel better. There are definitely stages of this business of transforming your body. I was in denial for too long.

What got me to change was I kept telling myself that I had time to lose this baby fat. The baby is only 4 months, he's only 6 months. Then I saw a chick at Mommy and Me class at the Y who had a baby that was 3 months and she was tiny, but still had her belly. But I haven't been tiny since before Lex was born and he's 3. Get over it Liz!

Here I am two weeks into keeping track what I eat on and I'm two pant sizes down from 16 to 14. And I'm on my way.

Every morning I battle my brain to go to the gym. Always getting there somehow. Even though my brain is telling me all the reasons not to, I still make myself get the boys dressed, put on my sports bra, and tennis shoes, JUST IN CASE.

I usually go.

Last week I was on my way to the gym, or so I was heading in that general direction and somehow my car veered off the road, right into the Krispy Kreme drive-thru. Dangerous that they have a drive-thru.

My 3 yr old wanted a donut hole. He was good that morning. Oh, what's that Krispy-Kreme, you only have donut holes in cups of 10? Oh well.

So I ate one and gave him one. Then I ate another. 3 by the time I got to the Y.

Walked in and sweat myself into a frenzy running away from the fat that was making its way to my thighs.

I'm gonna be ok.

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