Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tag..Your IT!

I got tagged. Sixth photo in sixth folder. This was easter last year. My three dollar Walmart sweater. Lex's outfit was the cutest. This was also right after we moved to our new house. If you can look closely behind me you can see a door off the hinges. My hubby has since put the door on but we still have the closet door to contend with. Good times. We bought an older house so all the doors had retired. I love this precious moment. He's so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now muhahah. i tag thee. To continue.....don't cheat.

1. Crystal's Blog
2. Jaimie
3. Ruckamuck


Roxy said...

was waiting on the picture ....both of you look cute.
GREAT job in class today...keep up the good work

Sharon said...

He looks so cute! Lovely picture..