Saturday, January 31, 2009

Baby Names

The past week has been insane. Its amazing how vulnerable you feel when you lose power. Then you realize it's cold. So much so that you cannot stay in your home. We had my Nan's two bedroom apartment to retreat too during the power outage. She had hip surgery so we had a bed to sleep in. It was amazing how many people could sit in one place for three days.

I was ready to go home when our neighbor called to say her power was back on. I was so grateful.
When we got home I gave my 2 year old a much needed bath. He was playing with his toys and I walked in to sit with him. I reminded him that Mommy was gonna have a baby. I showed him my belly and he said "Baby sister". I didn't coax him to say that by the way. He has said it from the beginning so we'll see if it's a girl. We haven't found out yet.

Anyway I decided I would pass by him the names we had come up with . I just came up with girl names so far. So I said would you like Evelyn or Zoey. He said NO, ELMO!

(I'll pause here so you can laugh).

Seriously I thought he just didn't understand what I asked so I asked him again. Evelyn or Zoey. He said Elmo. So that's official. haha.

But He did like Zoey in the end. So maybe it will be Zoey maybe it will be something else. Ie Boy.

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Rachel said...

Thanks for following my blog! Where are you from? We're in KY and have major power outages going on here.