Saturday, February 7, 2009

A good day

The weather was amazing today. Short sleeve shirt kind of day. No jackets. It was weird. I found my sidewalk b/c the ice melted. I didn't have to skate to the car. When I woke up I was sick but I went to the pharmacy to fill my phengren. That stuff helps but it makes me so tired.

My hubby took me to get a new haircut and I just love it. It makes me feel "sassy". Like Roxy would say .."wink".

After a visit with my nan, she just had hip replacement surgery we went back home to clean up some of the debris still in our yard. Oh well. Less limbs that carry leaves for next fall eh?

It was just fun to be outside soaking up the fresh air. I opened all the windows in the house. I always love to get that fresh air in and the pent up musty air out. I even put a soup on the crockpot for a seven hour cook.

Go me!
I attacked the pile of clothes that was starting to spread out into the living room.

Hmm.Oh and I cleaned my car out. I literally had a garbage bag filled with my 2 year old's toys. He brings one with him every time we got somewhere and not always am I able to get him and his toys. So that was nice.

Tonight I watch my friends tripletts so she can have a girls night out. It's been long overdue.

Good times.

Did you have a good day with this weather? i feel like I'm a weather person. If the sun isn't out, I'm not either.

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Roxy said...

GO YOU!!!! Can't wait to see the new "do" and YES SASSY is apart of the FIT, FIERCE, and FABULOUS plan!

Totally w/ you on the car thing...I attempted to make a dent in my car on Saturday many goldfish crumbs and long lost toys! I literally LIVE in my car and was LONG overdue for a cleaning. STILL needs help...but better than before.
Hope you're phenergan is kicking in! CU in the am
Oh...what a GREAT mommy friend you are to watch 3!!