Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Toddler Resume

I cannot believe how much personality my 2 year old has these days. I encourage all my moms out there to make up a resume of what your kid(s) would submit. I think this would be really funny and also interesting to see what level your kid is at for things they know how to do. We may forget to put it in the baby book. After the first couple of things like teeth coming in and what not I personally have let the book collect dust. So here is the resume of my 2 year old.

I can tell my mommy when I have to poop or have pooped.
I can roll, bounce, and throw a ball or other objects for that matter.
I'm very persistant. IE: When I want something, I throw things at mommy, or I can do a mean whine or stare if the situation calls for it.
I can open up any iphone application including but not limited too, writing emails to wbrksgkal, my animatch game, etc.. Reference upon request on this one.

Best singer of ABC's, Elmo's song, Veggie Tales Theme song, and Golden globe in parroting my mommy and daddy. Careful there kiddos.

I'm still learning every day and am definitely a sponge for all you have for me.
May i color a picture for you to hang on your fridge?

He's amazing isn't he? Haha.

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