Thursday, February 26, 2009

Real World Junkie

I just have to say one of my special times in my life is to watch "my shows". This usually consists of me curling up with my laptop while my little one watches his morning shows.

It's my time to let my brain go into a mush phase. It's a type of meditation for me. My hubby usually makes fun of me when I get in this zone and wonders why I don't spend my time doing something constructive.
Wel..........................l today was a constructive time.

I am reading this book "For Women Only". It's amazing. It's a book that gives you an insight into what guys are thinking. A thing that seems to elude me at times.
So last night I'm reading a couple chapters of this book just laughing. I can't believe how simple and how many "duh" moments I had. You'll have to read it to understand.

So here I am reading about guys. One key thing I picked up was that "Women want to feel loved. Guys want Respect." They would prefer feeling unloved rather than feeling disrespected. So based on this, while I was watching the "Real World: Brooklyn", the episode gave me a direct example of girls disrespecting guys, over and over and over again. Until finally the guys in the episode got so angry, one of them broke a table. But lets not be too hasty to believe or quick to judgement that the guys are the jerks here.

They had cleaned up the apartment for several weeks to no end without the help of their female roomies. When they quietly and politely asked them several times to clean up their respective messes, the girls would smirk or laugh it off or whatever, then proceed to call the guys jerks and immature. It was just so simple.

These situations present themselves to all of us I'm sure. To me for example with my man, he wanted to build a bookshelf in our home. Immediately I said no. He had never done anything like that before. Why would he be able to do that and it was going to be a nonstop mess that I would have to look at. Before I freaked, I should've thought about how that made him feel. Inadequate and disrespected. Duh. I told him to go ahead and kept my natural impulse to hide the hammer to myself. He built us a very beautiful bookcase that really adds to our home.

So maybe if you are confused about why your significant other gets so angry, it might be a simpler way to diffuse those things and keep them happy. They do so much for us.

Anyway pick up this book. It's amazing so far.

Also I am sharing this with you because I enjoy talking and having serious discussions after viewing these shows. I am a junkie. I laugh at myself when I am discussing or saying things while I am watching the shows. You do it too! Haha. It's not out of hand. I only do it once a week.. And also this week I painted my bathroom pantry. So I don't just sit around and watch shows. I do this also while little guy is napping so don't go getting judgemental on me. Haha.
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Roxy said...

Sounds like a great book...
my guilty pleaseures
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