Monday, February 9, 2009

Our Valentines

In pursuit of Valentine's day arrival, I've been thinking of my hubby a lot more than usual. At the beginning arent' our guys all we think about? Then come the babies who demand a little more of my time. Then there is the new baby on it's way and the sickness has kind of made me a little on the self-absorbed time. So here I am considering my hubby and the approaching day that is funny but it started out from very odd beginnings. I dare you to go look up the root of V-day and see how it all began. It was a raffle for mates. So hilarious. But it's PG-13...

But back to my man. I really have to give a big HELL YA to all the men out there who choose to be a man. My personal definition based on my personal knowledge, is this..

A man: A guy who provides for his wife. Who sets out every day to care for his family thru his actions. (This is the key ladies and what we get tricked on sometimes) He chooses each day to take on such incredible pressure that he believes if he doesn't succeed his family won't either.

Sometimes we forget what our men are internally dealing with. They don't seek approval from their friends like us woman. They need us to nurture them just as much as we nurture our other relationships. If not our nurturing to them is the most important. We are the center of our households and we hold an incredible spindle. Which way will your lean? Toward a happy family or a frustrated negative one?

We are loved by our men's actions. What have they done for you lately? Did they spend their day off getting all the sticks chopped up in little bundles neatly beside the road? Did they take out the trash? Did they fix dinner for you because you were sick? Well those are some of the things my man did for me. I appreciate him so much. He wrestles with my son every night and even sings him to bed sometimes.

So this V-day if you have a significant other, give them major props.