Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Prego got the STRAP

Do you still want everything to stop and all hands to be on you when you wake up sick?

When I was growing up if I was sick I even had friends who would read me books while I rested.

Now its a question game to see if you are really sick.

When I'm sick...I get SICK!

When my hubs and I were dating, I got a stream of sickness that lasted for three months straight. Haven't been sick since then. Until now......................

So here I am. I wake up a little out of it and my left tonsil is swollen. Still have to change baby and play with him while laying on the floor. Still have to sing at church. Still have to figure out how to get the laundry done that day. The next day. Right tonsil hurts. Left tonsil is better.

I get some halls.

Then I go to sleep and wake up all swollen and hot and sweaty and can barely talk. My head is pounding and my whole entire body aches. I squeak to my hubs that he's gonna have to get my 2 year old out of the house for the day. He asks me why. I don't reply.

I sleep for 30 minute intervals. Wake up drink some water. Sweat. Freeze. Sweat.. Eat a cracker. I'm pregos so I can't take anything. I have some sore throat spray that I numb my throat with and my savior during this time. ...Tylenol...

Today...I wake up and I feel great. Nope. Sike. My tylenol just hadn't worn off yet and I look into the mirror at my throat. I have two grapefruits back there and a pearl coated wall.

Hubs makes me some breakfast that I drink and we head to the doc.

I drink some G on the way. Great revitalizer.

Doc looks at me and says good thing you caught this. It's all the way down in your throat and could've hurt your baby. No kidding?

So I get some scripts and yogurt. You got to eat yogurt ladies on antis or else you'll get some nice present downstairs..NO FUN there. Doc reminded me that. I was grateful.

So I slept and then when I woke up I was feeling a lot better. Enough to tell my tales of the last few days. So hopefully the next few days I can wrestle this beast of the strap on my throat like my nephew likes to say.

Pray healing rain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Loves...liz

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Roxy said...

sending WELL vibes your way... Continue to rest and hydrate...fingers crossed for next week...oh, and DON't SING this week-end!