Monday, January 5, 2009

A Theme

I'm getting a strong theme in America these days regarding our children.
It appears there is a sense of disdain and misunderstanding when our blessed ones arrive in our midst.

A little one comes into our world, maybe more than one we decide. It's great at first and sometimes it's not. There is a point and this happens to more than just me because I've had freinds who tell me. But you say I am living for this human being. For at least the next 18 years, this is my responsibility to keep happy, healthy and loved.

You are your childrens' first teacher. We teach them finance, love, everything about life. So why does this come off to us as a trap we set for ourselves? Why is there this theme that keeps coming up in our culture, in talk shows etc? It appears under the vice of where is our time? Our time?
It's your family now. You can make priorities.

I'm talking about when there are these things said that you don't have time left for yourselves because it's all spent on the kids. I can't wait to get away to work.
We can't pay the bills because I'm trying to pursue my dreams.
One of those dreams can include kids right?

There was a story about a family that was trying to pursue their dream while they could barely make ends meet with four children at home. It was suggested the mom get a part time job and maybe they only keep the dream open for a few days a week.

Our children only are with us in our midst under our guidance for a season. And then they are on their own. How do we want to spend that time?
Struggling? We don't have to. It's all about your planning, and attitude. You can adjust your attitude. I did.

When I first was married, I was very selfish and I still am at times. I didn't think I had to stay home with my kid. Why couldn't my husband do that. I didn't have to wash the dishes or do the laundry. But guess what happened when I did do those things? My family was calm. My husband had a smile. He and I have a brilliant relationship. He gives me back more than I could ever imagine because I do just a few things a day. With a happy heart. Resentment is terrible.

So it didn't happen overnight. I just realized I was being silly. Don't be a slave to our culture and what it assumes is best for you. Realize how you need to live. Then do it.

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