Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sick ..Again

So our little family is expecting again. This should be our final endeavour at creating life.
So far I've been sick most of my first 9 weeks of pregnancy. Mom's out there does it ever stop? With my first one I was only sick for 2 weeks and moving on to the glowing phase.
Right now I can barely stop hugging my porcelain "God". Haha. Takes me back to college days.
Anyway with the sickness is an incredible depression that is really tough to take on with a little guy wondering around at home.
I have split up the days of cold and cabin fever for him by movies, random outings, and playdates.
For me I stick to lying on the bed watching random shows. So one of these days of sickness and they last all days folks, I was dozing while reading a magazine and I hear from my little guy

I jumped out of bed and looked down at my 2 year old holding two fresh eggs he retrieved from the fridge. Here is my little man banging the two eggs on a friend's printer my husband was trying to fix.

Yes honey two eggs, that's right..Are there any other eggs?
We put them back in the fridge safe.
Later that evening when I was attempting to straighten and days lost of housework, I stumbled across an eggshell. I picked up my magazine from earlier and found the escapee. The yolk was working it's way into my carpet for a good stain that will last.

As a memory always "TWO EGGS".

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