Tuesday, January 27, 2009

On a freezing day, GO SWIMMING!

This morning waking up to an icy wall and frozen world outside my cozy abode, I figured it would be a pj day. Cozy in my slippers with hot chocolate and rice krispy treats. Nope. My hubby thought it would be an awesome and perfect opportunity to go swimming. Sure why not? The windows on my car have an inch of ice on them. I feel like swimming!!

So we bundled up and stripped down and went swimming in the 85 degree pool at the Y. Yep.
There were actually other people swimming today also. Lex was so cute in his little swimmers. He would go under the water and say GOTCHU when he jumped on me.

We had a blast and I'm so glad I got some good excercise in. It was so relaxing and very spontaneous. We didn't even fall on our butts going back to the car afterwards. But Lex did. He slipped. I caught him tho.

So the rest of the day we chased each other around the house while my hubby worked from home. So nice.