Monday, January 26, 2009

Adam is a Dust Bunny

This weekend I went out on an excursion with my brother and sister. A feat we hadn't done together in three years. My sister brought her five year old and we were staying in the same room.
One morning he was talking ot me while I was getting ready and asked..

"Aunt Liz, what are those grey fuzzy things in the window?"
I tell him they were dust bunnies.
He asked what were those?

After thinking about it on his level, I say you know when you scratch your arm and it flakes sometimes and if you notice flakes off your scalp or when the sun shines in the window you see little particles flowing thru the air. Well those all come together in a ball if not cleaned up in vacumming and they collect into a ball called a dust bunny.

He seemed to be satisfied with that description. From that, he says, so where did humans come from.

I think a minute and give the answer that he came from his mom. He said yes I know we come from our mommies. I am saying where did the first human come from.

I was dumbfounded. A child of such innocence asks such a strong profound question.

I tell him the first human came from God.
He says so God was a human??
I said well it's hard to wrap your head around specifically what God is. I would say he is a spirit that is in everyone and everything. He is the big voice in the sky. Etc.

God made the first human out of dust. His name was Adam. Then he took Adam's rib and made Eve. Then Adam and Eve together made the first children. And so on and so on.

So he was putting that together. He says so does God have superpowers?

I said yes, I guess he does.

He says what is God's superpower.

I tell him God's superpower is LOVE.

He says so when you get the goosebumps on your arms and you get really happy to be around your mom, that is God?

Yes. It's Love.

So after we were talking about all this. I pondered over all that was discussed.
I came to the conclusion that Adam is a dust bunny. He came from the dust and God put him together from it.

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Thanks for coming to class today...can't wait to sweat this journey with you!