Friday, October 17, 2008

Everywhere Christians

I subscribe to "The Voice of the Martyr". A Christian publication that comes to my email. It tells me sometimes what horrendous acts are being done on Christians overseas in other countries where it's not free to practice Christianity. I just think of our youth and how easy it is for them to come to our events at the church. How easy it is to talk about your faith, your fears, express your passions and ambitions here in America. We can decide not to go to church. That baffles me. The extreme difference and what we take for granted every day. We have loving mentors, people who spend countless hours working on lessons for Sunday school. We may sleep in. Or come up with nine other priorities that are more important.

Difference. : A man and his wife are axed because they profess they are Christians in India.
The man loses his life. What is that wife doing in icu thinking? There are homes burned down, all over other countries. Some day its going to get to that point here in America. Some day we won't be able to have the freedom to say I believe. So take every moment and pray for those people who risk their lives and lose them. They are so grateful to be missionaries to send God's word all over. There isn't much time left. So lets learn all we can.


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