Monday, January 26, 2009

Amazing Grace

I had the best most wonderful day today. It was so fullfilling.

I woke up with a plan. I wasn't sick. First plan was to not be sick.

Went to work out at this new mommy and me class and it was so great! I broke a sweat and got red in the face. That's when I know I did my job and the instructor brought it.

It was very inspiring to see all these women who just had kids and they look hot! I was happy to see that in my future. To be healthy and hot. Simple.

Then I took lunch with a pastor of mine and she was so encouraging to me. You can spend your time doing one of two things. Encouraging or criticizing. I choose the first one. So should everyone.
Why criticize or point out flaws?

Anyway it was a great day all around. I wasn't even sleepy when I got home so I was able to have some free time for myself while baby took nap.

Usually I sleep to and that really robs me of my me time.

We all need it ladies don't we?

Anyway I will work on being more encouraging in my blog also.

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Roxy said...

Keep coming and you'll have MORE energy during this makes a HUGE difference. I taught class just 2 days prior to my Csection and one of the ladies came to class and left to go have a will make delivery and RECOVERY so much better. Not to mention keep you connected to a GREAT group of Christian women...make you accountable to exercise, and reinforce the much needed "Me" time.
CU next time...feel free to invite your mom friends...I've got 1 day passes if you need one.