Monday, May 18, 2009


I am collecting data on a certain specific candle chain on their customer service tactics. Have you ever been out shopping and you have only a specific amount of money to spend and you are so excited to buy your specific little trinket whatever it may be, and the sales person says "It that all you're going to buy?".

Excuse me, but I'm buying something. Don't make me mad or I'll walk out with zero sales for you missy.

Has this happened more than once in one specific location? Well it has for me. Hahahaha.

I was out with my hubs and we were just browsing. I was able to convince him that we really needed this tiny little smelly yummy votive to put on our candle warmer at home.
A 2 dollar sale I believe. Maybe less than that.

I put my purchase on the counter. The salesPERSON says "Is that all you're buying"?

Yep I exclaimed proudly.

I even paid with quarters.

Fast forward about 5 months and we were able to purchase a new car!!! Woohoo.
Go us. We needed room. I only had one working seatbelt in the backseat of my 2 door car from college.

Of course you have to have a personalized smell in your car and hopefully mine isn't B.0. Hahhahahaha.

No I have a specific smell that I enjoy. Guess what? It's time to go back to this specific place that I love oh so dearly.
I go in and choose the specific air freshener in a packet of one!

The sales PERSON sees my request lying on the counter and says "You have to get the 3-pack."
I quickly tell him that my hubs and I agreed on just one.

Then I ask the person if it's more expensive to ring up the sale than to sell it to me or something in a light jovial nature.

The sales PERSON then says crudely "It actually costs me more to stand here and listen to you talk!" WHAT???????????????????

I just laughed and said I didn't feel guilty and walked out proudly.

When I got home, I was telling a few friends about the experiences.

One of them actually had her own story. There is supposedly a candle ettiquette.
Yes. That's right. A specific way to smell a candle if you are looking to purchase one.

This individual buyer went in to purchase a candle at this specific candle location and was lifting up the biggest ones they sell, opening up the lid, and sniffing into the candle. Apparently (and unbenownest to me) this is incorrect.

Appalling actually. According to the version of this story, the sales PERSON walked up to her, and let her know she needed to pick up not the biggest version of that scent, but the smallest, open the lid, and sniff the lid, NOT the inside of the candle.

Wow. Are you serious?

So here I am revelling in the funniness.

I think for our next excursion I shall go in and purchase the smallest priced item and pay with pennies. Teehehehe.

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