Friday, May 15, 2009

Big Dreams

When I first met my husband, my mom and I clashed and there was a rift between us for several years. I grew up in her love and constant friendship. She is an amazing woman. For this mother's day it meant all the world to me to be where we have in our relationship today. We had a lot of issues just butting heads with my marriage and I growing apart in my own ways. It happens in every relationship. We came back together a few weeks ago when we went to a quilt show. It was incredible. It was just like we were back where we used to be and had a quiet understanding.

My mom is an incredible artist. She threadpaints. I have talked about that in previous posts. It was like growing up with a family member being a movie star I guess in a sense. I never realized the potential and wonderment that having a mom as an artist actually was. I took it for granted. I did learn a lot from her but I was so my own person and never tried to be in her grace of what she knew.

I guess now I see what we can ultimately be capable of when we just open our eyes. Who cares what we can't do or probably can't do. Why not try something and see if we love it!! What are we missing out on when we fear the unknown?

I'm starting a new project with my mom soon. I will be launching a blog, videos, and patterns that will be simple things to do for you who have a free moment and want to delve into the world of creativity. Anyone can do it.

I'm looking at this and coming into it with no sewing experience, and little design knowledge. But as an apprentice to my mom, we will be sifting thru all the awesome designs and the fun things people our age want that we can't find or is too expensive to just buy.

I hope we can share this together. I am so excited for it.

On another note with this new sense of perserverance, here is a pic of my mommy and me class. I have been working out hard. Trying to keep myself together. Haha.

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