Thursday, May 28, 2009

Dunk:Disclaimer POOP

Go let Dad smell that. Not mommy.
I just said that to my 2 year old after he announces to me he just pooted.
I wish I didn't misread that this morning. It was a nasty mess.

I hear him say I pooped in the cup. I just assumed he pooted in the cup. I'm sitting there while he is bathing putting on my makeup. I can't see the inside of the tub happenings.

A few minutes later, he says hey mommy, I pooped in the tub and it's nasty.

I get up and I hear that jaws theme song playin with a mixture of the pycho theme song ree ree ree ree. Yeah you get the picture.

Not just one baby ruth, I'm talking 3 dumps in one, with floating seeds and mess all over the bottom. Somehow he managed not to get it on him. Weird.

When that happened the one time thank goodness, it was only once. I wonder. Will the next one be more poop? I just wonder.

At least I didn't take a picture.

He is amazing, my two year old. Really he is fabulous. The other night at the grocery he told the clerk his hair was all kinds of crazy.
I love him so much.

To keeping life interesting.

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Roxy said...

THANKS for the chuckle...too funny!!! See you in the am