Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party

Yesterday made history when groups of people from ALL WALKS OF LIFE made a statement by protesting in Tea Party all over the country. There was one here in Indiana that my relatives went to. The point was to express that the conservative movement was still alive and well and we were disapointed with how we are represented in both parties. The definition of conservative to me is a personal accountability for myself and my family. I take responsibility to pay my taxes, work for my needs, and I expect government to regulate not delegate my life. With the new administration there have been very clear cut things done and put into place that elude to a socialist movement. As well as a rising debt that has no relief for our children's children. My husband sent me this link and being a former person of news, I was disgusted. You can see for yourself but we have no opinion in news. We are supposed to be objective. An editorial, blog, or interview opinion is where we place how we feel personally. Not in a report for an event we were assigned to. I'm not saying just because she was covering something I was for, that I was ashamed, but in general for anything when I see a reporter showing clear disdain for a situation, this isn't the place.

Instead of seeing what the real point of this event was, we only see that someone was against Obama which isn't even the point. But with any protest you are going to have a mixture of extreme opinions. Instead of focusing on that, she should've reviewed the entire point of the event.

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