Friday, April 10, 2009

Pretty Pretty Princess

Ever since my sister moved home it has been so delightful. I cannot believe how much a part of me was missing since she was gone. She was in the Air Force every since high school. I have said this before that we shared a room and if we got mad at each other we couldn't go to sleep until we made up.

So yesterday my sister called me in the morning. It was one of those lonely stay at home mom days where I did not have any errands to run, no money to be impulsive with, and no projects currently on tap for me to mess up. We discussed what the other would be doing that day. She is staying home until she starts school in the summer. So this is the time where we can catch up and spend good moments together.

You know that part of you that is insecure that is like a black void that is really obnoxious? Well I have one. I hinted here and there to her that I could come over but she didn't catch the bait. She was cleaning her home that day. I had already cleaned.

I went to lay in my bed. What? Defeated so fast?
I told myself I wasn't going to let myself be like that and called her back crying.
She told me to get my butt over to her home. Then she said she had a prize for me.

My younger sister is saving me again! From myself. Anyway we went to the mall and she had this VS gift card and bought me some body spray that I really enjoyed!!
Spray along with lip gloss and lotions are my obsession. Yes I am a junkie.

Anywho is was an amazing fun day. Good Good.

Today I straightened my 2 year old's room and got it ready for the baby so he could get used to the stuff around his daily routine. I have the crib on one side and his little big boy bed on the other. Pics will come but not until it looks cool. I have a plan to paint a mural on his walls and that is when I will decide to put pics up of his room.

It's getting very dark outside. Today is going to be a girls day out for me, my sis, and our mutual gal pal. Yes we have one of those. She is amazing to how she handles both of us. Haha. The whole jealousy thing isn't there. It's like she is our third sister. I got a gift card from them at my baby shower to get my nails done so it's good times.

Till next time.

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Roxy said...

we all have those days...don't be scared of yourself...take a deep breath and enjoy..or CALL me if she's busy!!! hugs