Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I can do it!

The last few days have been amazing. I don't know if it's just me or my little guy and me just realizing he's ready to click with it. We have been watching Potty Power vids and I'm a Big Kid Now propaganda has been in our home 24/7. I can do it. This is the motto. I have "let" my two year old put his socks on, take his shoes off, pick what he wants to eat (he has nutritional choices of course), etc. I was really holding on to the last two on the list of must dos. Potty in the Big Boy Pot & Sleep in the Big Boy bed. I have had the potty chair sitting there looming at me for several months now. I have the pull ups getting dust. I have the Big Boy bed propped up against the wall. It's just that once I did those last two things, he would be on his own. Well he still needs me to dress and feed him so who am I kidding. I just said hey lets go potty the yesterday and guess who just let it go. Yep. *Tear* We called everyone and gave them the "GOOD News". Then I got around to rearranging his room and putting his "Big Boy Bed" on the ground and decided I wouldn't put sheets on it yet. See what happens. He jumped on it and Daddy says the other evening, you want to sleep on there? He says "YEP". I said "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! in my head as I went to get the sheets.
He slept on it and didnt' even get up! That was one of my secret fears that I would not have control about sleeping in because he would wake up and look for me, but that didn't happen. The sweetheart still yells for me in the morning and waits for me to come get him out of bed!!!
So there you go. My little boy now. But it really is amazing and a joy to see him growing up and I know I'm going to be greatful that I got him out of diapers before I get the next little guy. If you are holding on, it's ok to let go. It's so fun. We all have to grow up with our children just as much as they do I guess.


Roxy said...

LUCKY!!! WOW.. Lex is AWESOME... waiting for you to come get him!!!!
Not this little man...pitter patter ALL the way down the hall!
Don't be SURPRISED if he "regresses" a bit when the newest member arrives...Jackson was peeing on the potty great...until brother came. Then it was back to diapers...which I must say was EASIER! MISS YOU!!!!
Hopefull for FRIDAY... Thanks for the Bday wishes.

Knitty Bitty Apparel said...

So nicely said! I'll be checking in on you now ;-) See you Friday! Stacey