Saturday, March 7, 2009

Your Grace is Enough

So I've been listening to this awesome contemporary christian station called KLOVE.
Since I am a SAHM, my 2 year old is always in the car wherever I go. Also sometimes with my hubby. The other night they came home and my hubby brought little guy over to the couch and said ok let us sing our song for mommy.

They sang Your Grace is Enough. It was sooooo cute, I cried.

So this morning he is walking around in his pj's hitting daddy saying "Your Grace is Enough". This is the life. How can you wake up in the morning wrong or in a bad mood when you have such a vibrant little life just expressing himself like that.

I have to go eat pancakes now that my hubs made..WOOT WOOT.

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Roxy said...

Love it...Kids say the GREATEST things!!