Thursday, March 19, 2009

Worthy Cause

Every day we caught up in our every day junk..The thoughts that fill our minds, the irritations that we think are for real. Etc...All this goes to crap when I see a video like this one. Sara Groves is a singer and you may have well heard of her but I just discovered her tonight. I was asked to sing special music in two weeks at my church so I'm rummaging thru songs to find something that God wants to put in my heart for whomever needs it. That's my process so it's real.

Anyway I stumbled across this video but I know it was meant to put on here.

It reminded me of a mission trip I took to Mississippi right after Katrina hit the area in Gulfport. We took 14 youth kids down there and I had never been on a mission before. It was weird. One night I dreamt I needed to do it. I didn't think I could pull it off, but I went to my pastor anyway and suggested it as a thought that someone else could do. Then I left the meeting with a date and amount needed. Two weeks later we raised the money. We were off. I didn't even think the kids would come but they did. It really truly was if you build it they will come.

How many things do you shrug off that God puts on your heart however small? He gives us all gifts and sometimes out of fear or insecurity we shrug it off or find excuses to save us from it. Just do it. Nike says.

Well anyway here's the video.

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Sweet Simplicity said...

That is a great song!