Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunburn,PB&J, & Aminals

My sister recently moved into town from being out of town since we were in high school. It's been so wonderful having her around again.

We grew up sharing a bed or sleeping in the same room. It used to be if we were mad at each other we had to sort it out before we could go to sleep. We were tight. Well today we decided to take the kiddos and have a trip to the zoo. She starts school after being in the military in the fall so she has some free time with her children. It's amazing to spend my time with her. I love it.

Anyway we went to the zoo and had a blast. Here are some pics. We also went with our mom and our mutual friend Kim and her daughter. My sister's little guy and our friends little girl look like brother and sister. It's so cute.


jennifer said...

looks like fun! we went to the zoo last week - it was gorgeous but SUPER crowded b/c of spring break.

Roxy said...

hope the sunburn wasn't too bad.
Invite that sister of yours to CLASS...and her little one! She can sweat with you and share lots of time