Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Myths Don't Work

My hubs and I wanted to try for another child. We were the obnoxious ones that start and four months later we're pregnant again. No wondering or waiting on us. The second I'm off the pill, there was the double lines. So first of all to all of those moms out there who have to had a lot of patience, I don't have any. So that's probably why I didn't have to wait. I will learn patience another day. For another reason I'm sure.I really admire all those moms' out there who have had to endure many trials and you are superwoman!!!

When we were trying, it was fun because the first time we just got pregnant right off the bat. So we were really able to plan this one. When I found out I checked up on the chinese calendar and did some different myths like the string that swings whichever way.
All signs pointed that we would be having a girl. There was a group of people surrounding me saying I would be having twins. I wasn't fond of that thought. By no means am I saying we were upset. I didn't care either way.
So we went to the ultrasound today and first thing we see is little winkie. Yep.


But since we found out and I had said it would be fun to have a girl, some people went oohh are you upset? Or you can try again. I'm like no I'm soo happy with this. I don't mind what the sex is. ROCK ON BOYs!

I really am excited. I know it's such a blessing and our son is so amazing. He will only benefit from having a brother. They can bunk and we don't have to buy another house for a new room. We have all the clothes for the most part.

He is so beautiful. I know he will be amazing in his own special way. I was the girl who hung out with the guys growing up so why not have my family be surrounding me with guys? Love it.

Thanks for all your prayers and support.


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a little boy! how exciting!!!