Wednesday, March 11, 2009

To Kill A Mockinbird?

This morning my hubby took my year long request to pick out his clothes the night before so he doesn't have to open the drawers five times and into the closet.
He was out the room in a second. Well then there is the issue of the QUaker.

When we were dating I knew about his bird that his most adored. A beautiful green parrot that could talk. She was very cute and endearing when she spoke. Other than that she was obnoxious. I didn't want that bird in my home, but I knew he loved her and I came to love her myself. Even though she has ear-splitting and nerve-wracking squawks all hours of the morning and in the middle of the day and at night.

At some point he told me, this noise I would tune out. Hmm..Three years later, still makes me cringe. Since I am home, it is an incentive to leave the house for her loud hours.

So this morning I've been battling a croupy cough I got from my little guy..That intense stuff that hurts your lungs that you just wish you could sleep off. Nope.
Not this morning. But guess what?
It wasn't the parrot or my hubby.

During the night with the storms, my hubs opened a window, so it was some kind of bird outside. Grrrrr...

Oh well. I went thru this whole ordeal in my mind that what if I had a bb gun to just make it go away. It was keeping me from having peace in my mind.
But then I started thinking of that movie with Sarah Jessica Parker where she tries to get Mathew Mcconnahey(spelling?) out of his parents house. Her roomate struggled with a mockingbird outside her window. She lost sleep and was at her wits end.

Well when she finally decided to get rid of it with a bb gun, she immediately was regrettful for her action. So my train of thought continues.
Once our parrot pulled a blood feather out of her side and was bleeding. My hubs and I were crying and called the emergency vet. They fixed it. That was when I knew I loved the stupid thing. So when I say I'm going to leave her out in the cold or things like that, I would never do it.

So here is my ultimate point that I'm finally getting to. If you are still reading, thanks for hanging with me this far.

How many times do we resent and get mad at the ones we love most in our lives? The ones who are always there because they love us, may get annoying. They may grate our nerves. How do we respond? It's not fair to lash out for our bad moods or insecurities. We must hold our tongues. We must remember that if they were ever gone, it would break our hearts and we wouldn't be the people we are without them.

So I say embrace the good with the bad and make sure to give yourself some time to unwind and recall the important loves.

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Roxy said...

good one...hope you feel better soon