Thursday, March 12, 2009

Bathroom REDO

So my hubs and I moved into our home about a year ago and it's a 40's home so there are plaster walls, and it was all painted crappily white when we moved in. Lucky for me I have a friend who gave me some great deals on paint. So I have been busy trying to make it look homey. So far its as good as I can do. Of course I have been looking online at all of your beautiful homes so this is our home and I'm very happy with it and humble. I just love looking at before and afters so it was about time I put some of my own on. I also am on my computer for the first time so I have all my old pics. Usually I'm on my laptop. So here is my bathroom when I first fixed it up.

And here is the new latest version.
I didn't take a before pic of the closet because it was just a big mess without a door. The door was banging into the other door all the time so I was going to put a curtain on it until I saw this great idea in
Family Circle to do an open closet.

I can't find the pic but this is a great mag with tons of ideas for family and home decor.

My sister and I went to an antique shop finding all the glass containers, fabric is hung up on the bottom portion of the closet with cup hooks to hide laundry and vacumn. I spray painted (sadly first time doing so) the tins. They were bright hideous rusty blue to match. The box is a hat box.

Then the rest of the bathroom I found a little bird at Hobby Lobby for 80% off. Love it. That's what this brown thing is on the shelf. I don't have the best camera.

So there it is. I am very happy with it. Have a great day and good times making your homes your home.

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Courtney said...

I love what you have done to your home!!! The open closet is adorable! Great idea! Thanks for sharing!!!!