Friday, July 29, 2011

Starting OVER

Life has truly been a whirlwind lately. I haven't even had a chance to sit down for two seconds let alone compose myself long enough to complete a thought. My husband got a job offer that moved us across the country to South Carolina. At first I was completely excited. We get a raise enough to move us into a bigger home, more space for the kids and a possible studio for my photography business. All of the possibilities of traveling to the beach. Seeing my old college buddy because she's so close now.

Then there was leaving our family for the first time. I rationalized during the moving process my emotions away because after all, I can always visit and come back. I didn't realize how big of a part my family was in my daily routine with the boys. We would go to lunch, just hang out at their homes, or grandma would take Lex for a few hours during the day. Evening dates were no longer an option unless we wanted to fork over some money and that used to be free. It's all different.

Another point is starting all over with my entire support circle. No one knows me. When I walk into a church now to visit and see if it's for us, there is no deep unsaid connection because of our long talks. There is no appreciation for the last five years we dedicated to our youth and music in our church. It's all starting over. And that's emotional for me as well. I'm a stranger. But not for long!

Finally my business. I started my photography biz a few years ago and it was very exciting. Things took off fast for me and grew in a few short months. I learned a lot of things and now that is got to start all over again. That's ok though.

In the first two weeks I was greeted so warmly by my new group I joined in my MOPS group here. Mother's of preschoolers. Very nice.

We are going to be traveling home soon and the excitement is so fun! An entire week to see the ones I left behind. The beach can wait.

I'm looking forward to this new beginning in our life. To establish ourselves again and form new blessed relationships.

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