Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tubes Tied

Here we are at this point in my life. I'm 27 years old and saying no more children thru pregnancy. At first discussion of this I went into tears. It was a weird concept that I hadn't considered. After Eric and I discussed it further though I really dont' want to be pregnant again. It was nice being pregnant twice in my life and all is well. I am going in for a c-section next week and then they are going to cut my tubes while they are doing it. The doctor said it would only be five more minutes of work while she is in there. Wow. That's amazing. Five minutes and I'm done having babies.

So then I thought about it some more and we will always have the adoption option if we want another child and that is something Eric and I have always had in the back of our minds. It's so amazing this miracle of childbirth and the whole process. I really am grateful for the friends, and family who have helped me get thru this pregnancy so far. It's been tough. With the bleeding, not working out at the end, and pre-term labors. So we are at the end here and ready to see our new baby boy. I'm so excited for him to be a part of our family.

It really feels like my life has been on hold in a way. I've still cooked and cleaned as much as I could but I have had to sit a lot more and it takes me twice as long to do things. All is well though and I'm grateful for what God has blessed our lives with.

With love


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Jaimie said...

But just think...25 years from now, when your boys are grown and succssful, and you and Eric are near retiring and have no issues like you have in your 20s, you'll have another 50 years to enjoy life together with no worries!