Thursday, August 6, 2009

MAJOR nesting..

When it's time for a new little baby to come into this world a mother to be can exhibit extremely irrational bouts of anxiety on how her home looks. May it be the impending guests who are there only to look at the new life, but she assumes she'll be embarrassed if all isn't in order? Could be the raging hormones finishing up the last couple of bits of MAKING life? Who knows. Whatever it may be, this extreme tension is all but gone for little Zachary's arrival and I couldn't be happier to show you what I did in one day. Well first I saw this picture on a fellow bloggers website.

It was shutters on the fireplace. For some reason I decided I should have shutters on my fireplace. I looked around and my mom had some old bar swing doors in her garage. She gave them to me. EXHIBIT A. It's a pair. This is one of them.

Upon inspection, I would've in the past completely ignored them, but I didn't thanks to all my crafty bloggers out there who have inspired me to look beyond the horridness. My mom also thought she'd save these coffee cans for me. Gave me four of them. I like things in threes so I took three. EXHIBIT B.

And furthermore, teeheehee, I painted them with some Behr paint I had leftover from my trim work. This gallon has lasted me ages. Mixed up a little of the blue Glidden quart I got for free from their giveaway a month ago. Then I painted the coffee cans to match the blue. CLEVER!

Here is the finished piece.

Also my sister came over today with her drill and I was able to hang a series of pics that I was inspired by THE YOUNG HOUSE blog to do. It's not anything close as cute, but good enough for me. Also I have this stupid side door in my living room and it bugs me. I covered it up with sheers from the dollar store. My sister hung them for me!! God Bless her soul.

Just picture a white door with three tier windows in it. We took a piece of white fabric to cover the door first so it wouldn't show thru the sheers. Then hung the rod a couple inches above the door. Then the sheer panels. $5 bucks at dollar store!


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