Friday, August 21, 2009

Pigeon Amongst the Flowers

When our new boy arrived last week, I was surprised to see him come a day early. I guess he had to be born on the same day as my first one. Just a different month. It was weird because my sister, brother, and I were all born on the 2nd of our respective months. Now we have our boys each born on the 13th of their months.

Anyway all went well and this week has been amazing. Yesterday we had the best weather. Fluffy clouds, cool breezes, and a 2 dollar sprinkler was calling my 2 yr olds name. He ran thru it while I let my new baby boy have some sun. My husband and I sat in lawn chairs and took it all in. Our family is complete.

The night after I got two four hour stints of sleep and felt so refreshed! My pediatrician is amazing and was able to calm my fears of an impending ear infection and cold. My little guy has the sniffles. He's ok though back to his birth weight and nursing like a champ.

My 2 yr old is really getting the hang of being a big brother.
The sweetest thing about this week is all the out-pouring of love from our dear friends all around us. We got cards from people from our church, food from my workout group at the Y, and good food at that!, and even a package here and there from family around us.

It's just a beautiful concept that it takes a village to raise a child. This really has been a true blessing to us and we can't be more thrilled. I am healing very well so far and able to get off the pain meds that make me loopy..

Loopy Example: My husband and I were driving to our in-laws and I loudly exclaimed;
LOOK, over there in the flowers....A PIGEON!!!!!!!!!
Immediately I looked my husband and the face and began hysterical laughter.

No reason why the pigeon caught me off guard as an image of magic. Who knows. Maybe for a split second I thought I had seen a magical new species.

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