Friday, September 12, 2008

Sarah Palin Interviewed by Charlie Gibson Response

So. I've been watching the latest interviews with Sarah Palin being given by Charlie Gibson.
You know I'm all about an objective viewpoint in news and getting all sides an opportunity.
This blatant interview is so frustratingly attacking. It's not an interview. He doesn't listen.
I listen. If you interview someone usually you have a question following something specifically they said. He was listening for key words that he already planned ahead in his head to follow on.
For example. The part where she is speaking in her own church about her son going overseas. I wanted to cry because my little brother is over there right now.

Anyway she said it was a task from God. He took that and ran with it saying in his head that he thinks she is going to take the whole country and FORCE GOD DOWN THEIR NECKS. No seperation between church and state. ON the View today this was brought up as well.

They both very eloquently say God is a part of them. He is inside their spirit. That is how we believe. It doesn't mean they won't consider other options or viewpoints when they are taking people into consideration. They want to do what is best for the country based on their viewpoint.
So why isn't that allowed? It seems as tho if you believe in God and are open about it, that you shouldn't be allowed to serve the country? This is the theme that keeps resurfacing. It doesn't make sense to me.

Our founding fathers based the constitution on their beliefs. We say Under God. In God we trust. Are all those not allowed because they are offensive? I dont' get it.

Oh well. At least these interviews show us how strong she is when people do come at her. She can obviously handle herself. If it were me, honestly I would probably get a quiver in my lip. She shows no weakness as far at that goes. So at the end of the day interviews like these should make me happy not irritated. I just wish the media would ask questions and then move on . Not batter people with questions.

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