Saturday, September 6, 2008

God's Holy Fire

I see such a fire for our Savior. Just creeping out everywhere. THe song ALL GOD"S CHILDREN SINGING GLORy GLORY Hallelujah he reigns. That is the theme song of our day.

You may not see it on the news. Do you feel it with your friends? It seems as though people are coming back from places I thought I'd lost them to. A person very close to me tonight shared with me that she is free. This is it. You have the power to Unlock the kingdom of heaven here on earth. It's there for you. The bible shows you. Take it. Hold it. Unlock peace in your heart, your mind.

Enjoy being God's children here on earth! Don't wait for him to take us to heaven. Share his message. Give people a smile. Don't worry about figuring everything out. Jesus showed love. By showing it in his actions. Do it now!

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